• How can I order EasyCargo?
    When your free license expires, order form will be shown automatically.
    If your free license is still valid and you want to buy a full license, go to “Licences” tab and click on “Order more tickets or licenses” to view the order form. The Licenses tab is available only to a company administrator (user, that created the registration in EasyCargo).

  • I need to plan only few times per month, do I have to purchase a license for whole month?
    No, you don’t. For your needs there are Tickets, that are used to access the application for 24 hours. Whenever you need to plan your loadings, sign in and activate one of the tickets. Tickets can be purchased through the order form, minimal ordering amount is 10.

  • How to load into more cargo spaces?
    See this video on how to continue loading into other cargo spaces.

  • How import from Microsfot Excel?
    See this video on how to use import from Excel and where to download template.

  • Using Excel as database for items
    You can fill into MS Excel sheet your all items. Set zero count for each item type. And when processing load, just set the correct amounts for each requested item type.
    Then before processing Excel import uncheck option “Import also items with zero count” so zero count item records will be skipped.
    See this video for details.

  • How can be 3D load plan controlled?
    See this video on how rotate, zoom and explore load plan into detail.

  • Unity Web Player is trying to install/run after login.Is it necessary?
    • Chrome web browser – not required
    • FireFox web browser – not required, but possible to install for better performance.
    • Internet Exploerer web browser – Yes, running the addon is essential for proper operation. This plugin enables true 3D projection of shipments and allows working with it.

    This addon isn’t dangerous, is it?
    No, the addon is completely safe. It come from thrusted company Unity Technlogies and has been already installed by over 80 millions users all over the world. It doesn’t contain any commercials or spam. It’s similar to well known Flash Player or Java plugins.

  • The Unity Web Player addon is not working. What can I do?
    • We do suggest running EasyCargo in Chrome or FireFox where is not plug-in required.
    • If you’re unable to install the addon from EasyCargo, try to download it right from manufacturer’s site – http://unity3d.com/webplayer. Also check that you have rights to install new software on your computer (contact your IT administrator).
    • In case you have the addon installed, but you’re unable to run the application, most likely there is problem with your firewall (often if you’re using computer in company network). Contact you IT administrator and ask him to allow download of files with .unity3d extension. These files are needed for the Unity Web Player. Allowing these files is completely safe.

  • I have another question, how can I contact you?You can use our contact form or you can contact us at support@easycargo3d.com.