Manual load plan adjustments

One of the most wanted features, based on our users feedback, is possibility to manually adjust placement and rotation of the boxes in final load plan. We are happy to announce, that this functionality is now available for all the users of EasyCargo.

Manual load plan editor modes - move and rotate cargo item

How to do manual load plan adjustment in 3 steps?

In EasyCargo app, when calculation of load plan is finished…

  1. Click left mouse button, while pointing at box to activate it.
  2. Choose new placement pointing at highlighted green area.
  3. And click again to confirm the new position of the box.

In case you would like to rotate the box, click with right mouse button to switch manipulation mode. Click shown arrows to rotate in desired direction. Confirm with click on left mouse button.

Note: For free manipulation with items no constrains are respected. Its solely at users discretion to respect the loading rules.

Watch tutorial video for manual load plan adjustments. You can also subscribe to EasyCargo YouTube channel, so you will not miss it!

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