Credit/Debit card and PayPal payment for EasyCargo license

Sign in EasyCargo application here and follow the instructions below.

  • Credit and debit card payment ready
    Choose preferred licensing option and pay with your debit or credit card. Right after the payment is finished, your license will be ready to use.
  • PayPal payments
    For sure the most popular web payment method is also available. User your PayPal account to pay securely and continue load planning in seconds.
  • Bank transfer
    Of course if you do not prefer either of above mentioned payment options, you can request an invoice with electronic funds transfer options.
  • Use 10 day tickets
    Many users are still not aware, that 10 day tickets package is good for those, who plan a load few times a month. Than final load planing price is 3.50 EUR (4.80 USD) a day.

See how easy is to order a license, when your free 10 day trial has expired.

How to buy license for loading software EasyCargo? Just sign in and click Licences tab.

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