Have you ever heard of Chat GPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer)? Yes? Great! No? Well, let me catch you up to speed. Chat GPT is a new and mighty AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can answer very complex questions in a very efficient way in a short time period. Chat GPT is not just something as simple as the Google Search Engine. It goes far more in-depth than that because it gives information in a more structured and laid-out way to give great answers. Chat GPT can do far more than just answer questions. Chat GPT can write full essays and even make a cover letter or build a resumé for you! These are just a few of the great things that Chat GPT can do for you to make your life easier.



Source: https://digivistar.com/what-is-chat-gpt-and-how-it-can-help-you/


You might wonder what else Chat GPT can do beyond what has been mentioned so far. For starters, have you ever had a long page of code you need to compile but have no idea how to start? Well, Chat GPT can do that based on the instructions you give it. What else you might ask? Have you ever wished someone could help you with that complex physics or calculus problem? No worries, Chat GPT can do that too. The list of things Chat GPT can do is ever-expanding as time goes on and as it learns.


Some might ask how Chat GPT even works in the first place. Chat GPT uses a very special method of training: Reinforcement-Based Learning from the feedback of humans (RLHF). This being said, it is still a computer on the other end of the screen and is in a long process of fine-tuning. In short, Chat GPT is far from perfect and can cause errors or respond incorrectly. Therefore, if you do use it to aid you in whatever task you are working on, make sure to check its work!


What is important to explain is that Chat GPT is just one AI in a huge world filled with AIs that all do different things. If you use Siri on an iPhone, you are using an AI. If you use the Google Search engine, you are using an AI. I am sure you get the point by now. There is another complex AI beyond Chat GPT that will save you lots of time and money. The name of it is the EasyCargo 3D load planning software. EasyCargo’s powerful algorithm works very similarly to Chat GPT in the sense that you get great results based on the instructions you provide. For EasyCargo, you input the dimensions of your cargo and EasyCargo will automatically load a container of your choice with your provided cargo items in the most efficient way possible while giving you step-by-step instructions. Now that is a powerful AI! You can try EasyCargo today with our 10-day free trial with no commitment. If you think Chat GPT is amazing, you will think EasyCargo is too with all the money and time you will be saving. Start saving money today!

Matthew Vinciguerra | 19. أبريل 2023