Within the logistics and transportation industries, effective load planning is essential. For logistics experts, manually arranging loads can be a difficult task. Multiple factors, including cargo size, weight limitations, and delivery deadlines, must be balanced. Without the aid of sophisticated tools, this procedure may be time-consuming and prone to mistakes, with expensive results.


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The global market for freight trucking, which was estimated to be worth $2732 billion in 2021, is expected to increase by 5.1% every year to $4457 billion by 2031, according to Allied Market Research. It is possible to significantly reduce costs and increase operational effectiveness by strategically organizing and placing cargo. One software solution that has gained prominence in the field is EasyCargo (researchandmarkets.com).

Stop transferring expensive air

A cost-saving solution for the whole supply chain is to ship less air. You can utilize less material, fit more boxes on a pallet, ship smaller, and perhaps even lessen the packaging annoyance for customers by lowering the air around your product.

A great example of this is the Swedish furniture company IKEA. In 2010 they quoted We hate air” and started to pack their products differently. They achieved a creditable 50% reduction on their packages. With the help of this creative strategy, they were able to remove around 7,500 vehicles from the road annually, lowering transportation costs and taking a big step towards sustainability. In EasyCargo, we share the same values (lumi.com).

Even though the aforementioned example focuses on a particular instance of cost savings and increased load planning effectiveness, it is a powerful illustration of the enormous potential and influence that even a small portion of such achievement can have on logistics operations. By projecting from this situation, we can imagine the significant gains that can be made on a larger scale, changing the load planning landscape, and opening the door for improved cost-effectiveness across the industry.


Loading into a truck


Utilizing space effectively

The ability of EasyCargo to precisely optimize the usage of space is one of the major advantages of using it as a load planning tool. EasyCargo enables logistics professionals to maximize available cargo space by utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and simple 3D visualization, leading to considerable cost savings as well as increased operational effectiveness. According to some sources, load planning software can transport the same amount of goods while saving 10% of a truck’s capacity compared to manual planning. This could save businesses $217 billion worldwide.

The dimensions and weight of each item to be loaded can be entered into EasyCargo and the software algorithm will determine the best configuration and stacking possibilities. Users can spot any potential gaps or wasted space within the vehicles or containers thanks to the clear visual representation of the cargo arrangement provided by the 3D visualization feature..

Additionally, EasyCargo gives logistics experts the opportunity to experiment with various loading situations and configurations, enabling them to choose the most effective setup that maximizes space efficiency while upholding safety standards. The higher load capacity and optimization brought about by this flexibility results in cheaper transportation costs.


Loaded truck


Minimizing Damage and Returns

Some events are unpredictable, but the ability to reduce damage during transportation is a key benefit of adopting EasyCargo for load planning. Logistics experts can spot potential vulnerabilities or areas of concern by using a clear visual representation of the loaded objects and their placements. This enables them to prevent damage brought on by movement or inappropriate handling by taking proactive steps to secure the goods appropriately. According to research done in 2019, around 11% of all goods are damaged during transport.

EasyCargo not only saves businesses from the direct costs associated with replacing or repairing damaged items but also aids in maintaining customer satisfaction by lowering the likelihood of damage. Fewer returns result from fewer damaged products, which further reduces costs and upholds the company’s reputation. Did you know that at least 30% of products which are purchased online are returned? This is at least three times the number of returns than brick-and-mortar stores.


Streamlining Operations

EasyCargo is essential in expediting all logistical activities since it not only maximizes space usage but also reduces damage. The program helps logistics workers save time and effort by automating and streamlining the load planning process.

The human calculations and conjecture involved in load planning are no longer necessary. Users may swiftly enter cargo dimensions, weight, and other pertinent factors into the software’s powerful algorithms with the user-friendly interface, which generates efficient loading solutions in a matter of seconds.



The incorporation of load planning software like EasyCargo offers a remarkable opportunity to revolutionize logistics procedures, whether it be by reducing the need for additional trips, maximizing space utilization, minimizing the risk of damage and returns, or streamlining overall operations. Logistics professionals have a distinct advantage when they can use sophisticated algorithms, intuitive visualization, and automated calculations to help them make educated decisions, reduce errors, and ultimately increase efficiency while significantly reducing costs. Read our previous article to find out how much you can save in numbers.

Martina Krupičková | 16. 08. 2023