Extending a license has never been easier. You can do it either via our online store or directly in the EasyCargo app.

Purchasing a license from the online store

This way of ordering is not only faster, but also more suitable for those customers who, for various reasons, cannot place an order directly in the EasyCargo application. You can order license keys for all three types of licenses: 24-hour Tickets, licenses for a month, or a year. Tickets can only be purchased as a pack of 10. If you need a different quantity, you can order it either the traditional way via the EasyCargo application (see below), or contact us. Keep in mind that the minimum order of 24-hour tickets is always 10.

You will receive the purchased license in the form of a license key, which you simply enter in the appropriate field in the EasyCargo application.


How to activate license keys in EasyCargo truck and container load optimizer

Purchasing a license from the EasyCargo app

Sign in to EasyCargo and click “Order more Tickets or Licences” on the Licenses tab or your Profile tab.

Order more tickets or licenses EasyCargo loading planner

Then you are just 3 steps away from creating your load plans. The credit/debit card payment is the 3rd step via the Braintree PayPal company secured form.


Please watch the following video for more information:


Anna Melounová | 23. 09. 2015