Guide to EasyCargo API (part 2) Anna Melounová | 20. يونيو 2022

EasyCargo API Client

As we mentioned in the first part of the article, today we will "approach" the EasyCargo API more from the practical side. We will use our API client for this. We will also test the operation of the API using the ReqBin online tool. It enables communication with a WWW server, thanks to which we can download data of interest from our EasyCargo container loading calculator. Testing is one thing, but in real life, you might be using a Java plugin for your software or Javascript calls from SAP. More on this, the Make platform and other real-world API use cases in the next post in this series.



How To Load a Pallet Anna Melounová | 23. مايو 2022

Palletization in EasyCargo loading software

We have perhaps the biggest news of the year in load planning for you: EasyCargo can load onto pallets! Not only that, we have developed a special algorithm to do so. When loading the same types of items, it works with the specifics of loading onto pallets and manages to make the most of the space while maintaining the load stable. Let's describe in more detail what this means in practice.



Worksheets; Not Only For Schools Anna Melounová | 25. أبريل 2022

EasyCargo for Schools Worksheets

Do you remember our recent post in which we shared three practical exercises to test your load planning skills? It’s these exercises (in a slightly modified form) that are a part of worksheets - a comprehensive set of tasks primarily intended for high school and university students.



Guide to EasyCargo API (part 1) Anna Melounová | 21. مارس 2022

The role of API

While browsing our website you might have come across the term API. This abbreviation is closely related to the IT industry, so you may not fully understand what this service is all about and what benefits you can get from it. We will discuss what an API is and how it works. We thought it was worth familiarizing you with this topic, as it will, for example, help you extend the functionality of your company's software. So we decided to create a three-part series to cover this topic in a decent way. Today we will focus on the theoretical part. In the conclusion of this article, you will learn what the upcoming articles of the series will contain.



As Microsoft is officially retiring Internet Explorer this year, we would like to let you know that EasyCargo will stop supporting logging into the application using Internet Explorer in the upcoming months as well.

If you would like to keep using EasyCargo, please switch to the latest version of the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Microsoft Edge.


We present a new service for medium and large companies Anna Melounová | 28. فبراير 2022

EasyCargo software for container and truck load planning

Do you need more load planning licenses for multiple users or even multiple branches? Do you require professional service and administrative documentation? Then our Enterprise licensing program is perfect for you!



What are the possibilities of working with cargo spaces Anna Melounová | 20. يناير 2022

Predefined types of cargo spaces in EasyCargo load planning software

One might say the following: “I’m using trucks for the transportation of goods; I assume your software can create load plans for containers only. Our company has custom-made trucks, I’m sure you won’t be able to help us optimize our loading.” Yes, people often think that load planning software can only handle simple containers or standardized cargo spaces. That's why it always makes us smile when we set our customers right by a practical demonstration of how cargo spaces in EasyCargo work.