Multi-pickup: handle multiple items at once Martina Krupičková | 11. يونيو 2024

We have further improvements to EasyCargo that will make your work even easier and faster. It's no news that in EasyCargo, you have the option to manually adjust individual items within the load planning process. You can move items from place to place, rotate them, or remove them from the load planning compartment. 

Until now, you could only manipulate one item at a time. So if you wanted to move, for example, an entire column of cargo to another location, you had to move each item one by one. This is a bit impractical, don't you think? That's why we created a new feature: multi-pickup. With this feature, you can now move entire columns or even sets of boxes. How does multi-pickup work?


Personalize your mouse speed and zooming Martina Krupičková | 27. مايو 2024

Do you use a MacBook or touchpad to work with EasyCargo? Then this new functionality will make your work much more enjoyable. In the EasyCargo app, you can view your 3D load planning from all sides, zoom in, and manipulate individual items at your will. If you have used this feature, you probably know that the controls used to be very sensitive on some platforms and it was not always easy to get the exact view you needed.

That's why we've added the ability to adjust the zoom speed and mouse movement speed. This allows each user to customize the controls exactly as they see fit.


See you in Perú Cargo Week! Rodrigo Rico | 7. مايو 2024

We are excited to announce that EasyCargo will be participating in the international freight forwarding, logistics, and foreign trade exhibition Perú Cargo Week. This is a key event of the Peruvian port logistics and foreign trade industry that will take place on May 15, 16, and 17, 2024 from 12:00 to 19:00 at the Jockey Lima - Peru exhibition center.



Add your company logo to your print reports Martina Krupičková | 2. نوفمبر 2023

If you send your loading documents to other business partners, then you'll find the new functionality we've added to the software useful. You can now add your company logo to your reports and make your documents become company materials.

To insert your logo, you need to edit your company profile. You can get there via the profile tab located in the top right corner.


New functionality: automatic archiving of shipments Martina Krupičková | 9. مارس 2023

We've added new functionality to the EasyCargo load planning software that allows you to automatically archive all of your shipments and it will come in handy if you have hundreds of them in the Shipments and Reports tab that you can't keep track of anymore.

Therefore, you can access your Shipments Archive via the Shipments and Reports tab. You will find the button at the bottom of the table behind the Import of shipment and Show Autosaved Shipments options.


“Step-by-step” loading now with a legend Martina Krupičková | 14. ديسمبر 2022

From now on, you will know which items to load in which quantity and in which step. We've added a legend to the app so you can easily organize each step of the loading process. How does this improvement differ from the “step-by-step” loading report we wrote about in this article? You will find out in the next lines.

As you may already know, the “step-by-step” loading report lets you know the order in which the items are placed in the cargo hold. You can follow the loading process directly in the app using an animation. Simply create a loading procedure and click on the video icon to start the animation.


Guide to EasyCargo API (part 2) Anna Melounová | 20. يونيو 2022

As we mentioned in the first part of the article, today we will "approach" the EasyCargo API more from the practical side. We will use our API client for this. We will also test the operation of the API using the ReqBin online tool. It enables communication with a WWW server, thanks to which we can download data of interest from our EasyCargo container loading calculator. Testing is one thing, but in real life, you might be using a Java plugin for your software or Javascript calls from SAP. More on this, the Make platform and other real-world API use cases in the next post in this series.



How To Load a Pallet Anna Melounová | 23. مايو 2022

We have perhaps the biggest news of the year in load planning for you: EasyCargo can load onto pallets! Not only that, we have developed a special algorithm to do so. When loading the same types of items, it works with the specifics of loading onto pallets and manages to make the most of the space while maintaining the load stable. Let's describe in more detail what this means in practice.