EasyCargo for Schools 20 مارس 2020

Container and truck loading software EasyCargo announces new program for schools and universities!

EasyCargo load planning tool

We’ve been seeing interest in our truck load planner from schools for quite some time now but we’d been always dealing with this individually. In the last couple of months, the demand has, however, increased so much that we put our heads together and came up with a new offer tailor-made for schools and universities.

Who is the offer intended for?

The offer applies only to schools, universities and other educational institutions. The license can be used for educational purposes only.

How does the offer differ from a regular one?

The main difference is in the length of the free trial version. If you’re a teacher/professor, we will give you free license completely for free for one year. Students can try our container and truck loading software for free for 14 days.

How about the price? Does that differ, too?

Yes, our program provides better prices for all schools and educational institutions. When you buy one license, we will give you 19 more licenses with unlimited functionalities for free!

Does the program have any limitations?

You can find all the information, including complete program conditions at our EasyCargo for Schools page. Make sure to have a look at it. You will find out, among others, how to get our popular Container Puzzle worth USD 59 completely for free!

The load plan export to MS Excel is here 17 فبراير 2020

The sixth most wanted functionality is out!

The newest version of EasyCargo allows you to export your load plans to Excel. How to do it? Simply load the items, create a Print report or Public Link to the load plan and click on the ‘Export to Excel‘ icon in the Shipments & Reports tab.

We’ve created a short video of the entire export process for you:

EasyCargo truck load planning application

Not everyone knows that the import of items from Excel has been a huge part of EasyCargo app for a while now. Watch this video for a reminder:

Of course, load exports to Excel can be imported back to EasyCargo. This may be useful if you want to archive the documents on your disc or provide them to colleagues for further editing. For the preview itself, it is sufficient to share the Public Link to the calculated load plan.

Be sure to check out our Release Notes or visit our Facebook page from time to time to learn more about the EasyCargo load planning application.

If you need help creating the export file, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support.

New video tutorials on user management and ordering licenses 27 يناير 2020

We have created two new video tutorials to make your work with the truck loading software EasyCargo even easier.

The first one titled User and License Administration will teach you how to add users to your EasyCargo account, explain the types of users and the differences between them. You will also learn all that you need for assigning or removing licenses to a specific user. There is also a section explaining how to change your personal data and manage your account.

The second video titled Ordering licenses and tickets provides a step-by-step guide through the entire ordering process. It will teach you how to correctly fill the order form and explain the difference between a subscription and one-off license. You will also learn which payment method is the fastest and what to watch out for when paying by wire transfer.

If you need to refresh the process of creating loads or generally using EasyCargo, look into the How-to videos section that contains all the video tutorials published so far.

Cargo spaces for North America and Australia have just arrived! 13 نوفمبر 2019

The latest EasyCargo – Load efficiently update introduced new types of cargo spaces. We expect that these will be appreciated mostly by our users in North America and Australia.

Specifically, these are flatbeds with 1, 2 and 3 axles, trucks with semitrailers with 1, 2 and 3 axles and prime movers (tractor units) with 2 and 3 axles. For the full set of provided cargo space types, check this list.

Watch the following video to learn how to add new spaces to your EasyCargo account. We then recommend adjusting the space parameters to fit your needs. For a complete update log, see our Release Notes.

How to add the new cargo spaces to your account in EasyCargo load planning software

Here are our new flatbeds with the most common axles combinations:

Flatbed with 2 axles

Flatbed with 1 axle

Flatbed with 3 axles

Plus, the semitrailers:

Semitrailer with 1 axle

Semitrailer with 2 axles

You can adjust each type of cargo space to match your cargo space dimensions. When correct dimensions, empty per axle weights and proper limits for truck and trailer are filled in, then weight distribution can be verified in accordance with the regulations. For more information about axle weight distribution regulations for your state, you can visit www.bigtruckguide.com.

Weight distribution setup

BVV Transport and Logistics 12 نوفمبر 2019

After an excellent previous experience, we participated in the International Engineering Fair, the largest industrial fair in Central Europe, yet again.

We had a great success among schools. Students tried our “Load Your Container” game, and teachers liked our demonstration of what our app can do.

The Container Loading Game

Not only the students came to load the container. Interest in our game has been across generations, and age has not been decisive for success. That’s why our EasyCargo app exists – you don’t have to drive around with Desta and try what fits or not. EasyCargo clearly shows you and your colleagues the placement of items in the selected cargo space.

BVV 2019

If you didn’t have the chance to visit our booth, you could at least look at our short video on how our game works.

Clearer distribution of load, own colours and other improvements 19 أغسطس 2019

We often get asked if EasyCargo can plan loading with regards to the weight distribution. The answer is yes, it can, and now even with an improved view of the results!

In the right panel, you simply choose the load you want to view. You will see green arrows highlighting the load ratio – if you touch them with the cursor, three values will be displayed: the maximum allowed load, current load of the cargo, and load in an empty cargo space (minimum load).

Improved view of the load

Another new function is the option of changing the colour of the loaded item. Click on the coloured area in the item modification panel. After clicking it you will see a range of pre-defined colour to choose from. You can also enter an entirely new colour in the form of HTML code.

How to change the colour of the loaded item

A small, but useful improvement is the possibility to create a public link to the loads, including those that were already saved without this link. This is done directly in the loads and reports list.

Creating a public link to the load

Your accounting department will surely like the new overview of all orders and relevant invoices in the Licence tab.


Transport Logistic 2019 15 يوليو 2019

At the beginning of June, we participated in the most extensive logistics fair in the world – Transport Logistic 2019 in Munich. Since the only experience we had so far was with smaller fairs, we were curious about what to expect. The exhibition grounds surprised us not only by the size of the pavilions but also by the number of visitors who stopped by at our stand.

The main topics were the trade war between the US and China, the lack of drivers, but also the New Silk Road, and of course, artificial intelligence in logistics.

What intrigued us? For example, MetriX Freight, an innovative volume measurement solution. How does it work? The camera sensors are mounted on a cross-beam beneath the hall ceiling. Objects up to 2.5 meters in width are captured with absolute precision and in less than one second. The packages can even stay on the forklift in the process. For each measurement, the system generates a barcode that the driver transfers to the system using a handheld scanner. After this process, you know the exact size of the items, and nothing prevents you from creating a load plan with EasyCargo.

Another point of interest was CakeBoxx – a container that is accessible from all sides (even from the top) for easier loading and unloading. That is suitable, for example, when unusually large items do not allow normal loading of the container.

We also had the opportunity to meet our Swedish colleagues who are developing a similar app Cargo-Planner.

Finally, we would like to thank the Ministry of Industry and Trade for providing facilities and services within the Czech Republic’s presentation at Transport Logistic. We hope that the competition to load the container at our stand was a pleasant experience at such a large fair. We are already looking forward to the next year 😉

PS: If you didn’t have the time to visit us in Munich, don’t worry. You can meet us at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, 7th – 11th October 2019.

EasyCargo Transport Logistic 2019

Logistik & Transport Fair 2018 9 نوفمبر 2018

We have some beautiful memories of the Logistik & Transport fair in Göthenburg, Sweden. Many thanks to Svenska Mässan for the excellent organization and, of course, to those who came to see us there!

It was great fun presenting our product in Sweden and we are looking forward to the next exhibition which will take place from June 4th to June 7th, 2019 at Transport Logistics in Munich, Germany. (So, put your Lederhosen on and spend a beautiful day at Messe München!)

By the way, we’ve added some other languages to EasyCargo. Swedish is one and because of significant interest from Italy, we’ve also added Italian.

Thanks for giving us a full load! ;) 11 ديسمبر 2017

Thanks for giving us a full load during the International Engineering Fair in Brno, where our company was present for the first time. We had many opportunities to seek new partners and to spend a lot of time talking with our existing customers to get feedback on EasyCargo.

We were pleased to receive so many positive reactions – you were very kind! However, it was also essential for us to learn about areas where EasyCargo could perform even better – we recorded all your comments and suggestions and are already working on improving our app. You can look forward to new functions that will make using our software even more comfortable. Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page to be the first to hear about upcoming news and events!

Invisible changes – faster, stable and more secure load planning 2 أغسطس 2017

In July, we deployed a vital EasyCargo release. Thanks to this update, the application has improved stability and offers much smoother performance. It’s noticeably faster in processing the calculations and opening saved shipments. As a result, the responsiveness in the manual load plan editor is improved. On top of that, EasyCargo now runs on https:// secure protocol used e.g. for online banking.

Although it took quite long to deliver this update; we know it’ll be important for the future development of other functionalities, which will be delivered in the upcoming months.

We have also extended our video tutorials library. You and your colleagues can use EasyCargo in up to 9 languages now. Watch the tutorial videos in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish and Czech.

Manual load plan adjustments 10 أغسطس 2016

One of the most wanted features, based on our users’ feedback, is the possibility to manually adjust placement and rotation of the boxes in the final load plan. We are happy to announce that this functionality is now available for all EasyCargo users.

How to make a manual load plan adjustment in 3 steps?

In the EasyCargo app, when the load plan calculation is finished…

  1. Click the left mouse button, while pointing at the box to activate it.
  2. Choose the new placement by pointing at the green highlighted area.
  3. Click again to confirm the new position of the box.

If you need to rotate the box, click with the right mouse button to switch to manipulation mode. Click on the arrows to rotate the box in the desired direction. Confirm by clicking the left mouse button.

Note: No constraints are respected when you manipulate the items freely. It is solely up to the user to respect the loading rules.

The tutorial video for manual load plan adjustments is also available on our YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to EasyCargo YouTube channel, so you won’t miss any updates!

Fully localized in German, Portuguese and Hungarian 7 يونيو 2016

Now you can use EasyCargo in all of these languages. Select the language on your user tab in the upper right corner of the EasyCargo app.

  • Čeština
  • Deutsch – NEW
  • English
  • Español
  • Français
  • Magyar – NEW
  • Português – NEW

Learn more with German tutorial videos. Simply showcase EasyCargo to your co-workers, customers or vendors with the German introduction or Portuguese introduction video. We also have introduction videos in English, French, Spanish, and Czech available. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, where you can find the latest updates on the development of EasyCargo, such as “manual load editing,” which will be ready soon.

How to plan your load better? Learn with new tutorial videos 19 فبراير 2016

To learn how to get the most out of EasyCargo, visit our new video tutorials page.


Faster public load plans and improved import 29 ديسمبر 2015

At the end of the year, we released the latest version of EasyCargo. Many internal improvements have been carried out for an upcoming functionality, which will be presented in 2016. However, you can already experience the quicker opening of online public load plans (see the picture and link below). Imports from Excel sheets have also been improved. Now you can set the app to skip all rows with zero items so that you can use the Excel sheet template as a product database.

See the live 3D load plan right here in your browser.

Let’s celebrate! EasyCargo placed 2nd – for you, this means 22 % off the price! 13 أكتوبر 2015

The EasyCargo online load planning app placed 2nd in the UPC Ignite Your Business competition and we’d like to say thank you for your support. The best way to enjoy this great moment is to share our 2nd spot. For the next two weeks, you can purchase EasyCargo licenses discounted at 22 %.

Why are we flattered by the award? UPC Ignite is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs with real visions and business plans and potential to succeed in international markets. The jury paid attention to economic facts that were presented in the project pitch on Innovation day 2015 in Prague.

We couldn’t have done this without the support of our customers. Thank you very much!

More photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page

ثلاث خطوات فقط لتقديم الطلب 23 سبتمبر 2015

مد الرخصة سهل جدا الآن.

بعد تسجيلكم في EasyCargo عليكم فقط نقر زر "طلب المزيد من التذاكر أو الرخص" في تبويب الملف الشخصي أو تبويب

طلب المزيد من التذاكر أو الرخص EasyCargo loading planner


وبعد إنهاء ثلاث خطوات – اختيار الرخصة، بيانات الدفع والدفع عن طريق بطاقة الائتمان – من الممكن أن تستمروا في الشحن.

الدفع عن طريق بطاقة الائتمان مباشر في الخطوة الثالثة عن طريق استمارة Braintree PayPal المضمونة.


Free Cubebot robots giveaway 18 أغسطس 2015

EasyCargo is on Facebook now, looking for fans. If you will “like” the EasyCargo App Facebook Page, you could be the lucky winner of a Cubebot.

On September 1st, 2015, we will randomly select 3 of our Facebook page fans. We will list the names of the winners in the comment and contact them for their mailing address. They will receive one of these cute little Cubebots for free.

(if UPC or DHL delivers to the provided shipping address)