Do you need more load planning licenses for multiple users or even multiple branches? Do you require professional service and administrative documentation? Then our Enterprise licensing program is perfect for you!


EasyCargo software for container and truck load planning

You’ve probably heard of our 30% discount when you buy an annual license for three or more users. However, not all customers need a multi-user license, and some pay to buy more daily or monthly licenses and hardly take advantage of annual ones. For these reasons and more, the Enterprise licensing program was created. All you have to do is place an order with us with a value of more than $2400 and you can take advantage of all the benefits of the program.

Benefits of the program

If your order exceeds the amount mentioned above, you will receive a 30% discount from us. At the same time, you can request additional administrative tasks, such as creating a quote for you or filling in a GDPR form. We will be happy to arrange everything for you completely free of charge.

I want to become a member of the program. What do I have to do?

The 30% discount does not apply automatically. To obtain it, you need to contact us, tell us that you are interested in the program, state the company’s name, how many licenses are needed, what type of license you require, preferred currency, and payment method. You can read all the application requirements and program terms on the Enterprise licensing program page.

Anna Melounová | 28. 02. 2022