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Easy to use container loading calculator Easy to use

Simple insert the item dimensions and weight

Simple layout keeps cargo items input and result on one screen, so there is no need to switch between different tabs forward and back. Just click “Add item” button, insert dimensions, weight and you will see the real-time cargo item appearance in the 3D preview. With description right on the box.

Finally, adjust items count, loading constrains and click “Load” button. Items will be placed in cargo space in few seconds. Now your load plan is ready.

You can change desired cargo space of course, before you start loading, on right-side pallet or define your own.

Save space and time with truck loading software Saves space and time

Save space and time with EasyCargo loading software

Truck and container loading software will help you to quickly create your load plans. EasyCargo team spent over the year of intensive development on unique load planning engine that will effectively place your cargo items into truck or container within few seconds.

The calculation of cargo item placement respects applied constrains. It is also possible to differentiate items into groups based on destination. Finally, the weight limits for selected vehicle are taken into account.

The whole evaluation process is finished within a minute. Now you can examine the load plan result and generate a print report, which can be printed or shared with other co-workers.

3D cargo load plan visualization Best visualization

Cargo item easy visualisation

Load plan result is all shown in interactive 3D, like in a game. You can rotate or zoom to explore details of your load plan.

Build-in manual load plan editor will let you adjust rotation or position of each box independently. You can also set up your load plan completely from scratch.

Load plan editor works like “Drag&Drop” editors. But even better. Auto-snaps boxes to each other. In case you need to precisely position the box. You can zoom in and snapping grid will by more smoothed.

Product features

Weight distribution and customizable cargo spaces for load plan.

      • Unlimited number of load plan calculations
      • 10 000 or more items of up to 250 different types
      • Imperial (inches, pounds) or Metric (centimeters, kilograms) units support
      • Priority groups separating the cargo items based on final destination
      • Manual load plan editor – adjust placement or rotation for each box manually
      • Non-stackable groups and groups split with virtual wall
      • Inserting items directly from MS Excel file
      • Settings of restrictions for cargo items positioning (non-stackable, no-tilt, no-rotate, shift to mass center etc.)
      • Show description right on the item in 3D visualization
      • Defining your own transportation vehicles or containers
      • 2-axle trucks and trailers
      • 3-axle trucks and trailers
      • Trucks with semitrailers
      • Containers
      • Creating print reports from visualized load plan
      • Saving and re-using your load plans
      • Verifying the accordance of weight distribution with allowed limits
      • Step-by-step multi cargo space load plan



EasyCargo is provided online in your web browser. For the first 10 days, you can use full version for free, then you can decide what licensing option is best for you.

How to order full license?


We will activate your full license immediately and send you a payment confirmation with invoice.

The payment is processed via PayPal or PayU secured webpage with an option to pay by credit card.

What does one EasyCargo license include?

Access to fully functional version within subscribed period:

    • One license can be shared with other users in the company, as long as only one user is signed in at the same time.
    • Unlimited calculations can be processed and unlimited reports can be saved.


Updates and fixes on regular bases.

Technical support is provided via email or via our contact form.

Why is EasyCargo worth the money?

    • It saves time: Let’s assume that your employees will save 30 minutes while using EasyCargo for planning and stacking load into cargo space. Say that average cost per employee is 10 EUR per hour. Upon finishing of 7 load plan in month, cost for license is paid back. From that point, every load planned with EasyCargo literally earns you additional 5 EUR


    • Saves space:When transporting goods from Paris to Barcelona, price for one fully loaded truck might be 1 000 EUR. If you save only 4% of truck space, thanks to EasyCargo the costs per month license are paid back instantly. Every other shipment planned with EasyCargo saves you extra money.

EasyCargo price is comparable with cell phone per month unlimited subscriptions. Therefore it is like another phone in your company, but with greater added value!

Truck and container loading software EasyCargo

Explore Container Load Plan interactive example on how your customers or vendors can observe your shipment plan.

Why should your company use EasyCargo?

Are you providing truck or semitrailer transportation services?

EasyCargo will help you to maximize utilization of your cargo space loading area. Just insert the quantity and dimensions of items or pallets and let EasyCargo do the job for you. Within one minute, your load plan is ready. Now you only decide if you will add more items or maybe use a smaller truck.

Items can be divided into groups based on their final destination. On top of that, if you enter the weight values of loaded items, EasyCargo will verify whether the pressure on axles is within the allowed limits.

Do you use containers to transport goods?

The EasyCargo software can create a load plan for over 10 000 items of 250 different types. The restrains for each type can be set independently (e.g. not stack or not tilt).

A load plan result can be printed as a report or provided on-line to your customers as a demonstration of the effective use of the space in shipped containers.

Space is money, use EasyCargo!

Do you order transportation of goods or material for your business?

Using EasyCargo will help you to clearly recognize used cargo space area. Why to pay for whole semitrailer, when one truck can still do the job? Space is money, use EasyCargo!