McLanahan Corporation Pty Ltd Matthew Vinciguerra | 9 Apr 2024

My name is Paul Mitchell, Warehouse Coordinator from McLanahan Corporation Pty Ltd, who is an OEM in the Minerals Processing Industry. We chose to use EasyCargo to assist in the load planning of major equipment both domestically and internationally.

By using this software, we are able to forward plan our movements with details of the center of gravity, load weight and nest our difficult deliveries in the most economical way possible. We have been able to reduce our loading times and improve load volumes. EasyCargo has also helped by being able to send a manifest with a 3D model of the load.


Spooner Industries Matthew Vinciguerra | 2 Apr 2024

Hi, my name is Kevin and I work in the Logistics Department at Spooner Industries. We manufacture industrial-sized bespoke ovens, dryers, air turns, & regenerative thermal oxidizers.

I was looking for a program that could save me time and money by maximizing the load capacity while minimizing the number of loads. It was a combination of cost & time savings while producing a document that was suitable in appearance to send to the customer that I would like to see from a program.


Delkorsystems Matthew Vinciguerra | 25 Mar 2024

Since incorporating EasyCargo into our workflow, we estimate a remarkable time savings of approximately 30% in our cargo planning and optimization processes. This translates to not just hours but days of increased efficiency, allowing our team to focus on more strategic aspects of our logistics management.

In terms of cost savings, the financial benefits have been substantial. Although it's challenging to provide an exact figure, we believe our expenses related to inefficient cargo space utilization have decreased by at least 20%. EasyCargo's precise algorithms and user-friendly interface have enabled us to make better-informed decisions, minimizing waste, and maximizing the use of available space. This, in turn, has positively impacted our bottom line.


Rhino Metals Matthew Vinciguerra | 25 Mar 2024

We have saved hundreds of hours since we started using EasyCargo, well over 5 years ago. It helps us to prepare our shipments in-house for big-box customers who have entire departments devoted to their transportation needs.

It helps us to appear well-organized, as we can put together an intentional and professional load plan. We can work with our import vendors to transport the product with as minimal damage as possible. Because we have fewer damaged items, thanks to EasyCargo, we have saved money on freight costs. Overall, it has helped us in determining load concentrations, weights, and potential pitfalls in transportation. Using EasyCargo has really made our business grow.


Avalla Matthew Vinciguerra | 25 Mar 2024


Hello, my name is Clark Lambert and I am the Senior Buyer for Avalla Ltd. Avalla is an online retailer specializing in the sale of household electrical appliances. Avalla orders goods from China and needs them to be transported from there to the UK and mainland Europe. The cost of shipping is a large cost for us as a company so we needed to make sure we were doing this in the most efficient way possible.