EasyCargo runs online right in your web browser. Get a free 10-day trial of the full version, no credit card required. After the free trial period, we are happy to offer you a license that best fits your needs.

Prices are without VAT.

One-day Ticket

/ user
Use EasyCargo for 24 hours. Activate the ticket whenever you want. Tickets are sold as a pack of at least 10 tickets.


/ user
One user license for a month. No commitment.


/ user / month
Save 15 %
One-time payment of .
Save 30 %
If you order license for 3+ users.

Universities and other educational institutions

A full class of students (up to 20 users) for the price of a one-user license per month or an annual license period. Plus, we offer additional pedagogical materials in the form of worksheets, where you will be able to get acquainted with EasyCargo, from the easiest to the most complex tasks (coming soon).

Enterprise Licencing

Are you a big enterprise that needs more licenses for multiple users or even branches? Do you require additional documentation such as a quotation or PO? Make a centralized purchase in the total amount exceeding $1500 and save 30% on the whole order!


How to order a full license?

Online store

Please read our Journal post about ordering a license through the online store.

This way of purchasing is not only faster, but also more suitable for those customers who, for various reasons, cannot place an order directly in the EasyCargo application.

You can order license keys for all three types of licenses. Tickets can only be purchased as a pack of 10. If you need a different quantity, you can order it the traditional way via the EasyCargo application (see below) or contact us directly. The minimum order of 24-hour tickets is always 10.


EasyCargo app

Please watch our tutorial video about ordering a license directly in EasyCargo.

This way offers more options when purchasing licenses. For example, you can choose the exact amount of tickets. You can choose between one-time payment, a subscription, or even choose your currency.

If you wish to place your order via EasyCargo; log in and click on Order more Tickets or Licenses on the Licenses tab.


How can I pay for my license?

Online store

  • Payment by debit/credit card powered by Shopify
  • Accelerated checkouts Shop Pay and Google Pay for returning customers

EasyCargo app

  • Payment by debit/credit card via our secured payment gateway from Braintree (for instant license activation)
  • Using your PayPal account (for instant license activation)
  • Via international bank transfer (license activated after payment confirmation)
  • You will receive an invoice for your company


What does one EasyCargo license include?

Access to a fully functional version for a subscribed period:

  • One license can be shared with other users within your company, as long as only one user is signed in at the same time.
  • Process and save an unlimited number of calculations and reports.
  • Continuous application updates and new functionalities included in the price of any license.

If you have a problem or get stuck, you can always ask our technical support for help via email or using the contact form.


Why is EasyCargo worth the money?

  • EasyCargo saves time: Let’s assume that your employees will save 30 minutes when using EasyCargo for planning and stacking loads into cargo space. Say that the average cost per employee is 10 EUR per hour. Therefore, your license cost is paid back after only eight load plans a month. From that point on, every load planned with EasyCargo saves you an additional 5 EUR.
  • EasyCargo saves space: When transporting goods from Paris to Barcelona, the price for one fully-loaded truck might be 1 000 EUR or more. If EasyCargo saves you 5 % of the truck space, the cost for a one-month license is instantly paid back. Every other shipment planned with EasyCargo saves you extra money.

The cost of EasyCargo is comparable to the cost of an unlimited one or two cell phone subscriptions. You can think of it as having another company phone, but with much higher added value!

Do you know our savings calculator? Thanks to it, you can easily calculate how much money you can save by using EasyCargo.