How to load a truck 24 Mar 2020

Loading a container seems like a relatively easy task. However, once you realize how many legal and safety issues there are to be followed, things get a little complicated.

First of all, you need to meet all the legal and safety requirements. Trucks have a maximum permissible load, which can’t be exceeded. And not only are there maximum loads for trucks as a whole but also each axle has its own maximum axle load. Even the weight difference between the left and the right side of the axle can´t differ much to preserve optimal driveability. In case you don’t meet the legal requirements, you’re at risk of a substantial fine.

State laws vary significantly throughout the United States. For example, in Rhode Island, you will be charged from $65 up to $125 per each pound of an overweight load. In some states, vehicle registration and driver’s license may be suspended, or you may be responsible for damage done to a bridge. In Texas, you may even face prison time of 60 days or six months in case of second or third offenses, respectively. From this point of view, the costs of reloading the truck seem minor.

There are several ways to prevent these kinds of complications. Big companies have truck weight scales in their warehouses. Some modern trucks also have built-in axle weight sensors, or you can buy them and install additionally. You can also calculate the axle weight manually, using complicated formulas. An easy and fairly cheap alternative is using container and truck loading software like EasyCargo, which will not only calculate your axle loads but also will find the best way to load the truck to make the most of your cargo space. That is also great because you will know the axle weights before actually loading the truck, avoiding possible reloading.


Truck and container loading software EasyCargo and its ability to calculate the weight limits

Axle weights are, however, just the beginning. You also need to fit the cargo in the truck somehow. While doing so, you need to take into consideration several conditions like stackability, the weight of individual items, or the possibility to turn or tilt the items. Sometimes it’s easy. Other times, shipment load lists repeat regularly, so the warehouse operators know the optimal ways to load them. However, there are also cases when even several years of experience are not enough to load the truck on the first attempt without previous calculations. In the past, warehouse operators used to calculate the optimal way with graph paper, ruler and pen. Today, however, there are applications for truck and container loading, which will calculate the most optimal way to load your items so that the cargo space is utilized to its most capacity.


Truck and container loading software EasyCargo and its ability to calculate the weight limits

EasyCargo will help you both with the optimization of load plan and axle weights. On top of that, it supports the import of load items from an Excel sheet so that it won´t take you almost any additional time.

5 logistics news websites to follow 11 Mar 2020

If you work in the logistics industry, there is a lot going on each day all around the world. And if you want to keep up with the best, you need to know at least about the biggest news out there. To help you with this, we came up with 5 logistics news channels to follow to keep you in the picture.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management has been a trustworthy source of relevant logistics information since 1962. It has all the news sorted out in several categories so you can choose if you’re interested only in ocean freight or maybe in 3PL.

WSJ Logistics Report

As a traditional source of business information of all kinds, The Wall Street Journal doesn’t neglect logistics at all. There’s a whole comprehensive logistics section with news and analysis from the supply chain to transportation and technology.

Google News – Logistics Category

Google News isn’t the traditional source of news as it doesn’t come up with its own content, however, Google makes an excellent job at picking the most important pieces of information and putting them together in one place.

Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics is another traditional source of logistics information with its history going all the way back to 1981.

Logistics Business Magazine

Logistics Business Magazine in a UK based company with a team of experienced professionals in the field of logistics. Articles are divided into 17 areas, such as Air cargo, Road transport and haulage, Pallets and containers and many more.

Biggest container ship in the world 26 Feb 2020

The trend in sea freight is very obvious – the pressure on prices and increasing competition forces carriers to build bigger and bigger cargo ships in order to utilize the economy of scale. And not only that. Also, new ecological regulations support this kind of behaviour as the bigger the container ships are, the less fuel consumption and CO2 production per TEU (twenty-foot-container equivalent unit) there tends to be.

Therefore basically each year there’s a new biggest container ship. However, as of today, the biggest container ship in the world is MSC Gülsün with its whopping 23 756 TEUs in rows of 24 across. Just to give you an idea, according to MSC Gülsün’s proud owner, Swiss-based Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the ship is able to transport 8.35 million microwave ovens or 47 512 cars. You would need 1358 Boeing 747s or 14072 heavy trucks in order to move the same amount of cargo.


 MSC Gülsün



MSC Gülsün was built at the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) Geoje shipyard in South Korea in July 2019, not even two years after MSC made the order in September 2017. The ship is 400 meters long and almost 62 meters wide, making it about 80 meters longer than Eiffel tower. Its gross tonnage is 232 618 tons and draught is approximately 16 meters. The ship is registered in Panama.

Oh, and by the way – if you used container and truck loading software EasyCargo to load all 23 756 containers, you would save 1.9 million dollars¹!


 Gülsün Class Ships



¹ Based on our experience there’s half an hour saved on average on each container load when using EasyCargo. Also, the utilization of cargo space is on average 7% higher. At a labour cost of $20/h, you’ll save $10 and at a transport cost of $1000/TEU you’ll save $70 (7% * $1000) on each container. In total that makes 23756 * (10+70) =$1900480.

5 logistics software which will help your business 24 Feb 2020

The logistics industry is a very demanding, stressful and information-heavy environment to work in. So why not use modern software to save us as much work as possible? We have researched the internet, customers reviews as well as personal experiences and came up with five logistics software which may help your business.

Fleet Management Software

FMS helps small, as well as medium and big size companies, keep track of all the important information about the fleet of their vehicles as well as the drivers, mechanics and so on. It keeps track of fuel receipts, service and maintenance (and its costs), vehicle inspections, parts inventory and so on.

Researching internet and customer reviews, you always come across Fleetio, which would be our recommendation for fleet management software. It may be overwhelming at first if you’re new to FMS as there’s a huge amount of data at your disposal but Fleetio makes it as easy as possible for you to get through it and get the best use of it.

Fleet Management Software Fleetio



If you have a specialized fleet for construction, waste collection, road maintenance or agriculture, you might find a complex solution from Protank Dynamics helpfull.

Container and truck loading software

Loading truck or container brings a lot of challenges. There are many conditions and constraints to work with and failure to come up with the best possible way to utilize the cargo space brings additional costs. Container and truck loading software will calculate the most optimal way to load the cargo for you.

Our recommendation for container and truck loading software is, of course, our very own EasyCargo. There are solutions with more functionalities but that comes with the cost of decreased user-friendliness. There are also software products with slightly better user-friendliness but the cost there is lack of functionalities. EasyCargo brings in our opinion best from both worlds – a decent amount of features and options while still preserving great ease of use. And not only can EasyCargo optimize your load but it can also calculate axle load!


EasyCargo load planning software

Route Optimization Software

ROS optimizes route between two or more stops. It takes into consideration many factors and constraints like the capacity of cargo space, the height of the truck and its limitations on the route, drivers fuel and toll cost, traffic and also weather and so on. Based on that you can choose if you want the shortest, fastest, cheapest or for example the easiest route for the driver. Using modern technology, enabling real-time data ROS enables planners and fleet managers to reduce truck and labour costs, minimize late deliveries and increase fleet utilization.

Presumably, the most known and used route optimization software is an application from world-famous telecom company Verizon Connect. It is told to be the most powerful software with the most features, while still keeping the simplicity of use. Verizon Connect is also available on mobile devices. It is very well rated by its users. Its downsides are long-term contracts and quite high prices.


Route Optimization Software Verizon Connect



Demand Forecast Software

Demand forecast software will predict the future demand of your product or service based on several factors such as historical data, various business information and statistical analysis, saving inventory costs as well as labour cost.

The one demand forecast software which stands out when researching on the internet is JDA Demand / Blue Yonder. It has all the functions you need and works with small businesses as well as with big companies.

Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management system is a software solution which offers an overview of company stocks and manages operations in the supply chain from the distribution centre all the way to the shelves in stores.

When it comes to specific WMS solution, the best option varies based on your needs, however, one of the most mentioned and well-rated is HighJump. This US-based company has almost four decades of experience in warehouse management systems. They offer also a mobile version and have a great variety of self customization.


Warehouse Management System HighJump