Travelling Salesman Problem in Logistics

It is well known that thanks to the development of Information Technology (IT), companies are achieving better and better sales results, not to mention that they can function at all thanks to software solutions. Furthermore, people can handle more and more matters or work through the Internet. However, not everyone knows that even computer science has its limits and cannot provide an exact answer to everything, including chatGPT :). 

Within the field of computer science, there have been issues and problems for years that have not yet had efficient and fundamental solutions proposed. One of them is the optimization problem called the traveling salesman problem, which is closely associated with the TSL (Transport Spedition Logistics) industry. Read on to learn more about it. Perhaps you will be the lucky one to solve this problem.


How to calculate a container’s… Martina Krupičková | 16. May 2023


First and foremost, all of the different calculations related to containers that we discuss in this article can be done more efficiently and much faster with our container and truck-loading software - EasyCargo. In this article, we will be talking about how we can do a lot of different calculations related to containers. In the end, this is what our software provides to our customers. Something that can take hours by hand, EasyCargo will do in seconds.



The 5 best online container tracking systems Martina Krupičková | 9. May 2023

Online container tracking systems

We live in a world of globalization. So much so, that many things have changed by the time this sentence is finished. The same thing applies to basically all industries in our modern world. But for logistics and transportation companies, maybe a little bit more. To be able to hold together the backbone of today's globalized economy, which is the supply chain, new technologies are invented almost constantly. And there, also belongs online container tracking systems, which are so crucial for the current market.



Ship transporters

While China is still being seized by Covid-19, which takes not only China's economy hostage, there are too many cargo ships but no cargo to be transported. The market faces many challenges now, even the biggest players in the transport game are thinking about weaning off part of their fleets. Is that the right solution? Will a price war skyrocket the costs of transport?


EasyCargo licence for school

Logistics is a competitive area. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals in this field, it's crucial for educational institutions to integrate logistics software programs into their educational plan. What are the benefits of using EasyCargo at schools you might ask? You might also ask how your educational institution can take advantage of EasyCargo's special pricing and exclusive materials to enhance its students' learning experience.


Female truck driver

Even though people don’t seem to agree on why women are underrepresented in most fields, it is a fact. The logistics industry is no different. Only 23% of workers in transport and logistics in Europe and Central Asia are women being employed mostly at some low-paying jobs. Recently, companies are trying to make a difference and we can see more women working as truck drivers, for example. Here are some tips on how to manage the job in a male-dominated world.



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World News

What trends will shape the logistics and transportation industry in 2023? And what news has this year brought us so far? Freight companies expect a drop in demand in 2023, big players are implementing green solutions, and women slowly conquer the logistics world. Read more in the article below.