Puerto de Barcelona

Container traffic in Spain increased in 2021 by 5.5% compared to 2020 and by 1.2% compared to 2019. In addition, in the first half of 2022, the total historical port movement has already been exceeded by 284.7 million tons as well, representing an increase of 7.3% compared to 2021.


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Is the Logistics Industry Few in Woman? Matthew Vinciguerra | 23. Ago 2022

Tami Lorenzen-Fanselow is the CEO of FCL Logistics in Carson

Assuming you have been keeping up to date with the latest trends and movements (even movements that have been ongoing for years) then you are most likely aware that in multiple situations, people are pushing for women to be more included. It has been made a point by many people that women are underrepresented. Today, we are going to discuss whether women are underrepresented in the logistics industry or not.


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The Logistic Situation in Latin America Anna Melounová | 15. Ago 2022

Trucks in Latin America

The world is in an ever-accelerating process of change and growth. Change has never been so fast, but it will never be so slow again. These changes will bring incredible gains in productivity and wealth, but they also present great challenges.


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Logistics of Future; Autonomous Logistics Anna Melounová | 9. Ago 2022

Mercedes Benz 2025 Autonomous Truck

In today's world, automation and technology have started to play an extremely important role in many sectors, and the logistics sector, like many other sectors, aims to bring great innovation to the supply sector by using autonomous vehicles to advance itself and keep up with the times.


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İstanbul Airport

The Republic of Turkey belongs to the category of economically developing countries. Although the infrastructure and industries of developing countries are more backward than those of developed countries, some developing countries, such as Turkey, aim to catch up with developed countries with their investments. Given these investments and opportunities, the logistics sector could not be ignored for Turkey, which geographically connects Europe and Asia. Some planned projects aim to turn Turkey into a regional logistics center. 


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5 Czech startups whose software is worthy of recognition

In today's article, we would like to draw your attention to solutions offered by several Czech startups. "Why Czech?" - you might ask. You may not know it yet, but the headquarters of our - as it well happens - startup is located in the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague. As we have already mentioned more than once that we are the first to automate all kinds of processes, we will focus on solutions that are strictly applications. These programs - as you will see for yourself - computerize activities that you may still perform manually. We encourage you to read the article, and maybe the following solutions will save you time and sometimes even money.


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Rising Costs of Freight Shipping Anna Melounová | 4. Lug 2022

Why Shipping Is So Expensive in 2022

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, there has been a huge rise in shipping costs. This rising cost of shipping affects everyone around the world and makes it harder to get products. These rising shipping costs can be seen affecting many around the world in more ways than one, often in ways people are not even aware of. In today’s blog, these issues are going to be discussed and what it means for the world. Enjoy reading!

Do you prefer listening? Then try the Import Export Podcast with our teammate Lukáš Polame and co-founder of IncoDocs Ben Thompson where they discuss the rising shipping rates and what factors have contributed to this phenomenon.

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