The Future of 5G Will Make Trucking Autonomous Anna Melounová | 2. 6月 2022

5G: 5th Generation wireless internet access

Assuming you are staying tuned with some of the newest technological advances, then you most likely have heard of the push to 5th Generation wireless internet access which is more commonly known as 5G. The majority of the newest popular smartphones and tablets have 5G capability built right in which allows them to reach download speeds of up to 10 gigabytes a second. To put this into perspective, this means you can go from downloading a movie that would normally take ten minutes or longer to download using Wi-Fi or 4G LTE, to downloading it in a matter of seconds when using 5G. 



4,000 Luxury Cars at the Bottom of the Ocean Anna Melounová | 19. 4月 2022

A Ship Carrying $400 Million Worth of Luxury Cars on Fire

On February 16, 2022, Felicity Ace, a cargo ship carrying 4,000 luxury cars, sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The Felicity Ace was en route to the United States from Germany, carrying approximately 4,000 primarily Volkswagen group vehicles when it caught fire. The Felicity Ace was being towed back to shore after it got caught in heavy seas about 250 miles off the coast of the Portuguese Islands. Soon, the ship started to take on water and began to sink in water 2 miles deep. Fortunately, no one was killed in this tragedy as all 22 crew members on board were rescued. As for the approximate 4,000 luxury vehicles onboard, they were all lost to the sea.



Future trends in logistics Anna Melounová | 15. 2月 2022

Future trends in logistics EasyCargo loading software for containers and trucks

It is a well-known fact that the branch of logistics is developing at an electrifying pace. Many specialists create reports and forecasts on the future of logistics. In today's article, we will take a look at the trends that are often mentioned among those that will lead the TSL sector in the near future. We will focus here on trends where the common denominator is mainly IT systems.



Will AI take away your logistics jobs? Anna Melounová | 18. 11月 2021

American confidence in artificial intelligence

The widespread presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the near future is already inevitable. Even the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the development of AI. Probably quite a few of us are wondering if maybe it's high time to get some new skills that a robot can't replace.

Fun fact: At you can check the approximate % chance of automation of your chosen profession, i.e. the probability of being taken over by robots. For example, for Customer Service employees it is 87%. The United States leaves the competition far behind because it is home to the largest number of AI-related startups.


Shipping container shortage 2021 Anna Melounová | 19. 10月 2021

Empty freight containers stacked up at Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao port - Container Shortage 2021

The health crisis produced by COVID-19 has changed the world, our economies and habits. Among the most affected sectors are international trade and cargo and container transport.

At present it is common not to find some products in stores, almost all industries have problems of shortage of supplies that are attributed to the pandemic. Some sources even claim that there will be a shortage of Christmas goods and that buying gifts will be more expensive this year. Behind all this, there is a problem of shortage of containers worldwide.

Prices for one-year license of loading software

In the first part, we discussed the functions that individual container and truck loading applications offer. In the second part, we talked about the experience that awaits the user when using these programs. Today, we will look at the prices of individual software, see if they have a free trial available, and if such a trial version has any limitations. If you are more interested in the final results; you can skip to the last part of our mini-series.

The list of all tested applications with links to their websites is at the end of this article.

Modern application layout

In the first part, we discussed the functions that individual container and truck loading applications have. Today, we evaluate user-friendliness, quality of calculation, see if the programs have a mobile version, and if they are online. If you are more interested in pricing; you can skip to the third part. For the final results, read the last part of our mini-series.

The list of all tested applications with links to their websites is at the end of this article.