5 logistics news websites to follow Lukáš Polame | 11 Mar 2020

5 logistics news websites to follow EasyCargo load plan calculator

If you work in the logistics industry, there is a lot going on each day all around the world. If you want to keep up with the best, you need to know at least about the biggest news out there. To help you with this, we came up with 5 logistics news channels to follow to keep you in the picture.


Fleet Management Software Fleetio

The logistics industry is a very demanding, stressful, and information-heavy environment to work in. So why not use modern software to save us as much work as possible? We have researched the internet, listened to customer reviews as well as personal experiences, and came up with five logistics software that may help your business.

FMS helps small, medium, and big size companies keep track of all the important information about the fleet of their vehicles as well as the drivers, mechanics, and so on. It keeps track of fuel receipts, service and maintenance (and its costs), vehicle inspections, parts inventory, and so on.