10 best logistic companies in Europe and the USA Martina Krupičková | 7 Feb 2023

Transit airport

Logistic companies must carefully plan and deliver their shipments on time. Lately, the pressure on transport has been getting stronger. Delivery companies are trying to guarantee faster transport than the others and people are used to getting their order 24 hours after the purchase. What companies are trustworthy and offer the best services?


Artificial Intelligence

Technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are constantly evolving and the world of logistics and transport is no different. As the industry adapts to new technologies, there is already newer and more modern ones.

The development of technologies, especially AI, is unbelievably fast and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. This being said, can robots and artificial intelligence fully replace human workers in companies?

Automatization—load planning apps

Automation is the future of logistics. Nearly all experts agree with that. In the future, the trucks will probably be driving themselves and transport will be way more environmentally friendly than it is today. However, automation is not only robots and AI (artificial intelligence). A huge part of automation is also software solutions. In the past few years, the trend of using load-planning applications is on the rise in many transport companies. Is using these applications worth it and how will it help improve logistics?



Pros and Cons of road transport Martina Krupičková | 16 Jan 2023

Road Transport

Road transportation is, for many businesses and suppliers, still the most beneficial means of transporting goods. Thousands of trucks loaded with full shipping containers are on their way driving to their final location every day. What are the benefits of road transport and when does it not have to be the most subservient way of freight shipping?



In the past few years, the world has faced one of the greatest challenges in modern history. A challenge so unusual, it has affected all of us and essentially paralyzed the whole world. Not long after the Covid–19 pandemic had passed, the world started to get back to normal, but then another strike came. The Russian–Ukranian war affects almost every aspect of our lives, transport and logistics included.


Truck and container loading solution EasyCargo

The logistics industry is going through a period of rapid change. Two driving factors when it comes to innovation, common to a wide range of industries, are advances in software solutions and environmental concerns. 

As green solutions take an increasingly prominent place in all business decisions, it’s good news that contemporary advances in software provide a number of ways of increasing efficiency and reducing emissions and waste. Here, we take a look at what the future of software-driven green logistics holds with the Joloda Hydraroll team, helping to bring logistics providers into the modern age.

The sharp rise in prices makes efficiency in logistics more critical than ever before

The pandemic completely stopped much of the world’s transport. The resulting shock was caused firstly by the pandemic and now by other factors like the war in Ukraine. Its consequences altogether make us understand how important container transport is for the global economy and this is reflected through the consequences of the current prices.