“Hello, my name is Clark Lambert and I am the Senior Buyer for Avalla Ltd.
Avalla is an online retailer specializing in the sale of household electrical appliances.
Avalla orders goods from China and needs them to be transported from there to the UK and mainland Europe. The cost of shipping is a large cost for us as a company so we needed to make sure we were doing this in the most efficient way possible.


Our company needed a program that could load various sized and shaped packages into a shipping container in order to visualize the shipping space available to us, make better utilization of this space, and make the most of the cost of shipping our products to the UK and EU from China. We also needed the program to be able to show us products loaded onto various-sized pallets, to see what our storage space requirements would be for our warehouse.


EasyCargo offered a platform that could provide all of those services for us, in a very user-friendly and intuitive platform. The EasyCargo software is very high quality compared to other platforms and offers a high-quality 3D visual space, whereas most other software programs only offer a very basic visual space when loading containers. While using EasyCargo, I can create all of our products in the program using our dimensions and weights, which is a very easy process. I can then load the items either on a pallet or in a shipping container and do this with various customizations, such as the products can only be loaded upright, can’t be stacked on, etc. Without EasyCargo, everything would be a guess and we would be underloading shipping containers which would cost us a lot of money or we would overload a container which would cause our manufacturers lots of problems.


Our company has definitely become more efficient at shipping goods thanks to EasyCargo.”



About company:

Avalla, based out of Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh, United Kingdom is a household electronics company, primarily air conditioners, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and more. They are a carbon-neutral company that cares about the planet starting with making better homes through the electronics they sell.

Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 25 Mar 2024