“My name is Rosie Taylor and I work within the logistics department as our International Shipping Coordinator for NaughtOne. At NaughtOne, we design and manufacture furniture that we ship worldwide to a variety of dealers and clients. I started working for the company nearly 3 years ago and at this point, we had no way of monitoring or maximizing our loading potential. Before EasyCargo, we had no way to look at the shipment prior to the physical loading. Therefore, we couldn’t assess if anything could be altered. This then led to issues with loading. We had additional charges for extra required kits and it was generally a nightmare situation. We dealt with incorrect paperwork for export, clients potentially receiving goods in several stages, and the carrier having to amend clearances, etc. This was not how we wanted to work! That was when, after some research, we came across EasyCargo. Within a few months of using this software, we started to look at ideas and ways of improving our loading.

The software is really simple to use and manipulate to create an easy load plan. From looking at these plans and our goods, we have tweaked the way we export the goods to make sure we maximize shipping. This is especially the case for shipping containers. When we started to use this program, we could clearly see how much empty space we wasted. From this, we have now developed crating for export orders. This then maximizes our loading potential and saves costs.

In addition, we can share the EasyCargo deck plans with the warehouse team for easy loading and the client for ease of offloading. We have also used EasyCargo to help secure large contract orders as we can inform the client what they will require for shipping. In using EasyCargo, we can confidently provide clients with the planned kits they require. This can then be used to provide accurate costings. All in all, EasyCargo helps to create a full circle of clarity.”


About company:

NaughtOne is a British furniture designing and manufacturing company. They are founded in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. NaughtOne believes in producing high quality furniture proucts that are sure to last heavy use for years to come. They have showrooms for their high-quality furniture through the UK, Europe, the USA, and Asia.


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Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 25 Jun 2024