“My name is Javier Grijalba, and I am the manager of the Fort Lauderdale Area. I have been working for GLT for more than 9 years now. We are a third-party logistics company founded in Miami, Florida, in 2003. Our Company focuses on developing logistics and transportation solutions to simplify the inland freight process. Our goals are to be accurate and fast. The problem we found was that in our calculations, we were taking a bit more time than usual because we had to arrange the cargo manually, so we decided to look for a tool that could help us improve in this matter. When we started to work with EasyCargo, we became faster and more precise in our calculations. Not only did we improve on that, but also, due to the final picture we obtained from EasyCargo, we were able to show the customer how the cargo would be arranged in the truck. This was an incentive for us and them.

So the outcome of EasyCargo was really great and this why we have been using it for a few years now.”


About company:

GLT Logistics is a 3rd part logistics company based in Miami, Florida, USA. Their goal is to simplify the process for inland freight shipping. They want to help their customers reduce costs while also enhancing carrier services. They can handle Less than Truckload, Full truckloads, and many more shipping needs.




Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 26 Jun 2024