“My name is Vicky Gustafson, an international customer service representative for NuAire, Inc. Our company manufactures laboratory equipment domestically and internationally. The laboratory products are destined for global locations and sold through a network of international distributors.

When planning container shipments, we took hours to manually calculate space with a ruler and newly gathered dimensions with each proposed shipment, resulting in inaccurate and inconsistent results. We would provide information to our customers, who would then ask questions that made us re-work all of the numbers and images each time. We wanted EasyCargo to provide an easy-to-use platform for calculating container volume based on regular and consistent measurements, allowing us to determine our company’s and our customers’ container volume accurately and predictably.

EasyCargo provided an easy-to-use platform, housing a database of consistent product dimensions, translating to volume calculations with associated images – allowing all parties to visualize each container’s capacity in a single transaction easily. Within minutes, we are now creating images of container capacity using EasyCargo’s database of product dimensions. This allows us to share with our vendors and customers 3-dimensional views of each container shipment, confirming for all parties the actual layouts and capacities. Prior to using EasyCargo, our sales team, production team, packaging team, and warehouse staff would literally take hours to manually calculate each container shipment’s capacity, often working and re-working with a ruler and manual calculations to determine how best to load each shipment. Each package’s dimensions were manually calculated and drawn in a 2-dimensional diagram; then any changes would restart the process. Changes could happen at any stage, and we would take hours to re-work the container layouts with each change.

With EasyCargo, using consistent product measurements as entered into the database, EasyCargo allows a single person to provide a 3-dimensional image of each order—and the related numbers—within minutes. It is easy to confirm whether the proposed container maximizes the space, and we can share this almost instantly with the involved partners. We now let our customer know almost immediately whether they should adjust their numbers to maximize their freight dollars, and we do not need to involve several departments with several hours of information-gathering with each container shipment. If changes do happen along the way, it takes just a few minutes (without involving various departments) to provide updated layouts. Additionally, errors that were common with the manual calculations would result in a lot of wasted time when loading (and unloading, re-arranging, and re-loading) containers. Those manual errors would result in some containers having empty space—or items not being able to ship because we erred and didn’t have as much room in the container as we originally thought. By using EasyCargo’s platform as orders are received, EasyCargo provides—within minutes–the ability to accurately and consistently provide up-front, accurate visualizations and mathematical numbers related to each container’s capacity.”


About company:

NuAire is an international company providing high-quality laboratory equipment, primarily BioSafety cabinets, Incubators, Fume hoods, and more. They will work with customers to make sure they are satisfied with their products, and these products are made in America within Minnesota.




Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 25 Jun 2024