“Since incorporating EasyCargo into our workflow, we estimate a remarkable time savings of approximately 30% in our cargo planning and optimization processes. This translates to not just hours but days of increased efficiency, allowing our team to focus on more strategic aspects of our logistics management.

In terms of cost savings, the financial benefits have been substantial. Although it’s challenging to provide an exact figure, we believe our expenses related to inefficient cargo space utilization have decreased by at least 20%. EasyCargo’s precise algorithms and user-friendly interface have enabled us to make better-informed decisions, minimizing waste, and maximizing the use of available space. This, in turn, has positively impacted our bottom line.

The effort saved is immeasurable. What used to be a time-consuming and error-prone manual task is now streamlined and automated. Our team can allocate resources more effectively, thanks to the intuitive features of EasyCargo. The ease of use and quick learning curve have also contributed to a smoother adoption process within our organization.

On a more personalized note, EasyCargo has proven indispensable in handling the unique challenges of our industry. The ability to customize parameters based on our specific cargo requirements has been a game-changer. This flexibility ensures that EasyCargo aligns seamlessly with our business needs, providing tailored solutions that generic software often fails to deliver.

In summary, EasyCargo has not only saved us time, money, and effort but has also emerged as a strategic partner in optimizing our logistics operations.”


About company:

Delkor Systems, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, is a manufacturing company that builds automated robots to package and handle products across many industries and is one of the largest US suppliers of robotic case and carton packers.




Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 25 Mar 2024