“I would not have an exact time that is saved, but I can say that with EasyCargo… it turns a 1-hour project into just a few short minutes easily. I’d have to say that EasyCargo allows my company to make more money since we know how to maximize our cargo space in a short amount of time, which enables us to send out estimates faster than our competitors. We are in an industry where speed counts, so time is everything.

EasyCargo allows us to save invaluable time, which only adds to efficiency. EasyCargo is compatible with Excel, which helps my company transfer pertinent information from our internal database directly into EasyCargo’s app for a fast turnaround. EasyCargo says it all in the name: it’s super easy to use, and it saves you a ton of time and effort.”

About company:

Red Hook Crafting, based in Long Island City, New York, USA, is an art moving company that provides secure and efficient service to many establishments where packing and crating of these goods are required. Red Hook will responsibly pack and help relocate art.


Red Hook packing and crating



Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 26 Jun 2024