“We have saved hundreds of hours since we started using EasyCargo, well over 5 years ago. It helps us to prepare our shipments in-house for big-box customers who have entire departments devoted to their transportation needs.

It helps us to appear well-organized, as we can put together an intentional and professional load plan. We can work with our import vendors to transport the product with as minimal damage as possible. Because we have fewer damaged items, thanks to EasyCargo, we have saved money on freight costs. Overall, it has helped us in determining load concentrations, weights, and potential pitfalls in transportation. Using EasyCargo has really made our business grow.”

About company:

Rhino Metals, based in Caldwell, Idaho, USA, is a metal manufacturing company that specializes in making high-quality gun safes. What started out as a small metal fabrication company in 1995 has grown to be an industry-leading gun-safe company that also makes tool chests and industrial-styled furniture.

Source: www.rhinosafe.com

Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 25 Mar 2024