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Hi, my name is Kevin and I work in the Logistics Department at Spooner Industries. We manufacture industrial-sized bespoke ovens, dryers, air turns, & regenerative thermal oxidizers.

I was looking for a program that could save me time and money by maximizing the load capacity while minimizing the number of loads. It was a combination of cost & time savings while producing a document that was suitable in appearance to send to the customer that I would like to see from a program.

EasyCargo provided us with this solution while also allowing us to input all of the sizes & weights of our products. With this, EasyCargo quickly and easily solves my loading problems. Before EasyCargo, I would have to estimate how many wagons were required for a project, but now I have a more precise tool to obtain this information quickly. EasyCargo helped us produce a loading document that can be sent to the customer, which is of professional quality.


About the company:

Spooner Industries is a company based in Ilkley, England, that manufactures industrial-sized bespoke ovens, dryers, AirTurns, and RTOs. First created by William Spooner in the 1930s, it started with the textile drying industry. Now, it makes many different types of technologies across many industries, including food, environment, metal, paper, and the converting industry.


Spooner Industries

Source: https://www.spooner.co.uk/


Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 2 Apr 2024