Trimline Outfitting Redifined Logo

“My name is Tash Birch, and I am the acting Logistics Manager for Trimline Ltd. We are a marine outfitting company, refurbishing public spaces mostly with cruise lines. On each project, we are required to ship our materials either by air, road, or sea. Managing this process calls for meticulous space planning to ensure compliance and operational efficiency with vehicles and containers.

In our search for a solution to optimize this process, we found EasyCargo; this program has assisted massively with the way we plan our vehicles and containers. It gives the whole team the ability to check to ensure that we are maximizing space on vehicles and arranging the correct size vehicles/containers.

The implementation of EasyCargo has offered significant benefits to our workflows. It has aided our warehouse teams’ understanding and operations in loading vehicles and has strengthened our relationship with freight agents and we are able to offer copies of our plans for them to utilize.

Trimline Ltd continuously endeavors to optimize and improve its processes to deliver the highest quality of service. The adoption of EasyCargo illustrates our commitment to this aim.”


About company:

Trimline is a marine outfitting company based out of Whiteley, United Kingdom, that provides materials and is a leading specialist for interior refurbishment, creating beautiful spaces for cruises, ferries, and defense customers. They provide project management clarity using class-leading technology to keep the customer informed from beginning to end.




Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 26 Jun 2024