My name is Paul Mitchell, Warehouse Coordinator from McLanahan Corporation Pty Ltd, who is an OEM in the Minerals Processing Industry. We chose to use EasyCargo to assist in the load planning of major equipment both domestically and internationally.

By using this software, we are able to forward plan our movements with details of the center of gravity, load weight and nest our difficult deliveries in the most economical way possible. We have been able to reduce our loading times and improve load volumes. EasyCargo has also helped by being able to send a manifest with a 3D model of the load.

About company:

McLanahan Corporation globally provides equipment solutions for many industries including mineral processing, aggregate processing, and agriculture. They stand by their equipment by providing customer support and service for the life of their equipment. They aim to make mineral, agriculture, and aggregate processing more efficient and more productive.


McLanahan Corporation



Matthew Vinciguerra | Published 9 Apr 2024