• Cargo Items database – new functionality that allows users to import their most used cargo items into the application and easily add them into shipments. Management of these items is done on a new Cargo Items tab. In EasyCargo, these items can be simply added by entering part of the cargo item’s name in the editor, and all the item’s properties will be automatically prefilled from the database.
  • Cargo Items database API is also already available.


  • Print report new design unification – The Print report got a new visual design, which is the same as the new design used in Step by step report. For backward compatibility, there is a tiny link at the bottom of the report, which opens the report in the old design if needed.
  • The profile tab title shows just the name of the user and a Settings icon next to it.
  • API documentation link to a sample API client has been accentuated so developers cannot miss it.


  • Replaced awful black outlines around active text fields, buttons, etc. caused by new Chrome version 83.
  • Corrected sizes inside the form of a new Cargo space on the Cargo spaces tab for long-text localizations (Polish and others are now displaying nicely).
27. kesä 2020