The logistics sector has suffered several blows in recent years. Just when the market was able to recover from the more than two-year critical impact of COVID-19 on the world’s economy, another hit came. The war in Ukraine surprised not only global politicians but also the economy itself. Despite all of this, the logistics industry continues to thrive but with a great deal of uncertainty in the market. But not only for logistic companies does this growth potential mean a great opportunity.


Market opportunities



While we surely consider the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine tragic events of recent years that have affected society, they both haven’t had purely negative impacts on all industries. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a skyrocketing growth of e-commerce, which continues to thrive even after overcoming the crisis. Alongside that, the transportation market is also growing hand in hand with the e-commerce boom. This market situation creates many opportunities and possibilities for transportation companies, as well as for all players in the field of logistics who are in some way entering the flow of the supply chain.

And our company is one of those organizations that has managed to ride the wave of global growth in the logistics sector. “Over the past few years, we have successfully completed the expansion of EasyCargo into most countries in South and Central America, where we also have our ambassadors, specifically for Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina,” explains the CEO of Bee Interactive, Jan Sovák. “Despite the relatively time-consuming engagement, patience is finally starting to pay off, and the number of users from these countries is noticeably increasing year by year.”

The aforementioned EasyCargo is currently the flagship product of our company. It is an online software that assists logistics specialists with efficient planning of loading operations and saving time using a unique 3D visualization feature. We stay fully focused on expanding its presence in the global market while continuously improving its services.

Sovák sees the expansion into new markets as highly successful. In addition to the incredible growth of the business in Latin America through the great efforts of company ambassadors in those countries, Bee Interactive is also succeeding in expanding into the East, specifically into Asian Turkey. “The latest expansion into Turkey has gone beyond our expectations. Thanks to full localization of our application, tireless support from a native ambassador, and perhaps even presence at the Istanbul Trade Fair supported by CzechTrade, we gained ten new customers in the first six months,” Sovák clears up the current success and adds that in the longer term, the company’s top management plans to target the Southeast Asian markets, primarily Vietnam.


EasyCargo at the fair in Istanbul


According to predictions, the global logistics market is expected to continue its steady growth. By 2032, the global market size is projected to reach around 18 trillion, compared to last year’s figure of 10.6 trillion. This fact plays into the hands of Bee Interactive as well and the business plans to continue the expansion closer to home. In the near future, the company plans to deepen its relationships with current partners and establish new ones in the European market. “We must refocus on Europe, where we already have customers from a wide range of countries. I personally believe that the potential for growth speed in this region is far from being fully utilized, and we will be seeking ways to accelerate it,” closes Sovák.

Martina Krupičková | 18. júl 2023