Working with cargo spaces is much easier now, thanks to a new EasyCargo load planning software update. What have we improved?

You can add the most frequently used spaces to your favorites and have them in the Cargo spaces list right at the beginning. Also, all pre-prepared spaces are always available, and there is no need to add them from a special list.


How do you add cargo space to your favorites in EasyCargo container and truck load planning software

If you create your own cargo space, it is automatically marked as your favorite. You won’t have to look for it anywhere as it will appear among the first in the Cargo spaces list.


Automatic labeling of own cargo space as a favorite in EasyCargo truck and container loading software

We’ve also added filtering above the list of cargo spaces. You can view containers, trailers, or filter only your favorite items.


Filtering cargo spaces in EasyCargo trucking software

If you have not used EasyCargo yet and have logged into the application for the first time, an initial setup table will appear with measurement units and the most used cargo spaces. The spaces you select are then automatically filtered. The initial settings can be changed at any time in the Cargo spaces list.


EasyCargo initial setup for truck and container stuffing software

New cargo space can also be added using the special „+” button directly in the Cargo spaces list. You can manage all predefined and created spaces on the Cargo spaces tab – for example, you can edit the exact internal dimensions of a standard semi-trailer or flatbed.


Adding and editing cargo space in EasyCargo truck and container stuffing calculator



Anna Melounová | 07. 02. 2021