• Button for quick access to our knowledge base / help has been added next to the User Profile Tab
  • Added Help button for Excel import


  • Card Payments – if payment fails, much more detailed information about the issue from a payment gateway is shown
  • Cargo Item Templates
  • Default Name filter has been changed to ‘Contains’ instead of ‘Starts with’
  • When importing multiple items with same Name by accident, proper error information is shown for each item
  • When import of an item fails because of wrong weight in relation to the piece count, better error info is shown
  • When importing ‘indivisible’ weight/piece count relation, the result weight is now being rounded
  • Improved layout of Successful Registration page


  • Shipment import – items with error are now highlighted red
  • API – Names of system Cargo Spaces are now correctly localized
  • Passwords can now contain characters ‘<‘ and ‘>’
20. març 2023