3 Feb 2021

We are pleased to introduce FleetUp, a leading telemetry company that has developed an interesting solution for all of you interested in real logistic operations data, telemetry, and fleet management services that can provide companies with real-time data for efficient and productive daily operations.


FleetUp All-in-One Platform

Source: Fleetup


From the oil, gas, and mining industries to the logistics, construction, and service industries, fleet managers now have the technology and support they need to improve performance with actionable and extensive data using telemetry and Big Data-based fleet management. Some benefits include:

  • Live GPS vehicle and asset tracking, real-time ETA, and trip history reports.
  • Real-time predictive vehicle maintenance and engine diagnostics with engine fault codes.
  • Fuel use reporting and analysis based on idling, RPM, acceleration, and braking data.
  • Driver, vehicle, and asset safety.
  • Remote job assignments and job monitoring.

Even in areas where no cellular signals are available, FleetUp ensures continuous and accurate data collection. FleetUp’s devices store data until signals are restored, automatically sending that data to the FleetUp cloud.


FleetUp provides real-time data for efficient and productive daily operations

Source: FleetUp

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Managing a fleet is difficult., FleetUp’s all-in-one platform makes operational management easier.

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