After a long period of time in which the only possibility of meeting each other was through digital media, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, now the possibilities of personal meetings at conferences and fairs are beginning to reappear. There is a lot of interest in them and we have participated in several of these events.

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EasyCargo in Colombia

AndinaPack 2021, Bogotá, Colombia

In November, the AndinaPack 2021 fair was held for four days, with the presence of more than 200 exhibitors, mostly from Colombia but also from other countries such as Italy, Mexico, Finland or Peru, with more than 14,000 visitors.

We were the only representatives of the Czech Republic, and were located in a small stand near the entrance of the Corferias center.

At our stand we provided all the information about EasyCargo, our 3D simulation software for load planning. Also, those who visited us could solve our Container Puzzle, which in a playful way allowed them to experience how difficult it was to load a container.


EasyCargo at AndinaPack 2021

During the days of the fair we were able to meet many companies, from large enterprises to small start ups, that still had not solved the problem of cargo loading and some of them did not know about the possibility offered by cargo simulation softwares, such as EasyCargo. During the fair the interest was significant, proof of this was the high attendance at our stand.

On November 11, our representative Lukáš Brož had the opportunity to give a brief presentation about the software, and those who attended were able to visualize and get to know our interface with the most important functionalities for cargo simulation; to finish and close the presentation, we gave away some of our EasyCargo Container Puzzles.

It was a great experience to have participated in AndinaPack 2021, whose importance is reflected in the growth and scope of the sector. Camilo Montes, Executive Director of ANDI’s Food Chamber, said: “We are proud to be an engine of social and economic development for Colombia. According to Confecámaras, 38,985 companies are part of the food industry, of which 99.13% are micro, small and medium-sized companies. Despite the pandemic, we are an export sector that during 2020 managed to reach 128 countries, which evidences the capacity of the country’s food industry to become the world’s pantry.”


Presentation about EasyCargo at AndinaPack 2021

Conferences on Transportation and Logistics, COLFECAR 2021. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Towards the end of November we joined the 46th Freight Transport and Logistics Congress, organized by the Colombian Federation of Freight and Logistics Transporters (Colfecar). Three days full of conferences, networking and social events at the Hotel de las Americas located in the Caribbean region of Colombia.


Conferences on Transportation and Logistics, COLFECAR 2021

“Our Congress will be held in person,” commented Nidia Hernandez, the executive president of the association to Radio Caracol, and continued: “This is the highest level event of the cargo transport and logistics sector, in which we will also celebrate the 45th anniversary of Colfecar. In addition, our agenda will address topics of interest and current issues such as the impact caused by regulatory changes, the shortage of containers in the world, progress on the issue of environmental sustainability, the contribution of our economic activity to GDP growth and our importance as an engine for other productive activities to grow.”

Our booth was located near the entrance to the conference room, welcoming several people interested in our application, with whom we were able to talk about the possibilities offered by EasyCargo, its most relevant features and the benefits both in saving time, space and money when implemented as a technological resource that streamlines the planning of loads in trucks or containers.


EasyCargo stand at Colfecar 2021

The next event

Finally, we would like to thank all of you who joined us in these two events and to those who could not attend, we invite you to meet us at the next event that will take place in Mexico and where we will be present at the Expotransporte Anpact 2022, from March 9 to 11, 2022 in the city of Puebla.

You can already register here.

We look forward to seeing you at booth N° P5933 in the Puebla Halls!

Lukáš Brož | Published 15 Dec 2021