• Default Shipment – users can now set any shipment as default (EasyCargo > Main menu > Save as default shipment). Such shipment will be automatically loaded at startup as a template for the new shipment. The default shipment can be reset by creating a New shipment and saving it as the default.


  • Adding of new Cargo space is now explicitly divided into two buttons – Add from the catalogue and Create custom cargo space.
  • Newly created Cargo items and Groups inside imported shipment will continue the imported colour and label sequence until now it started a new sequence from the beginning.
  • Excel import now supports dimensions from 0.1 cm (was 1 cm) and the import review grid shows the decimal places.
  • Tiltable and Stackable columns in the import review grid were swapped to reflect the Excel import file ordering.
  • Rows of grouped shipments with multiple versions are now highlighted on mouseover using a different colour than single version shipments.


  • View menu on the right for changing current view angle or weight distribution is now scrollable for small monitor resolutions so it no longer overlays the control buttons.
22. 4月 2020