EasyCargo runs online right in your web browser. Get a free 10-day trial of the full version. After the free trial period, we are happy to offer you a license that best fits your needs.

How to order a full license?

    • Sign into EasyCargo and on a Licenses tab click a button at the bottom for a page Order more Tickets and Licenses


We will activate your full license immediately and send you a payment confirmation with an invoice.

The payment is processed via PayPal or PayU secured webpage with an option to pay by credit card.

What does one EasyCargo license include?

Access to fully functional version for a subscribed period:

    • One license can be shared with other users within your company, as long as only one user is signed in at the same time.
    • Process and save unlimited number of calculations and reports.


Application updates and fixes on regular bases.

Technical support is provided via email or our contact form.

Why is EasyCargo worth the money?

    • EasyCargo saves time: Let’s assume that your employees will save 30 minutes when using EasyCargo for planning and stacking loads into cargo space. Say that an average cost per employee is 10 EUR per hour. Your license cost is therefore paid back after only 8 load plans a month. From that point, every load planned with EasyCargo literally saves you additional 5 EUR.


    • EasyCargo saves space: When transporting goods from Paris to Barcelona, price for one fully loaded truck might be 1 000 EUR or more. If EasyCargo saves you 5% of the truck space, the costs for a month license are instantly paid back. Every other shipment planned with EasyCargo saves you extra money.

EasyCargo price is comparable to the price of unlimited one or two cell phone subscriptions. You can think of it as having another company phone, but with much higher added value!

Truck and container loading software EasyCargo

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