Are you thinking of joining our program EasyCargo for Schools? If you buy at least one 1-year license, you’re eligible for a giftEasyCargo Container Puzzle worth $59 for free!

If you are already part of our program, you can get this gift for your school as well. You only need to meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Purchase at least one school license for at least one year. With one school license, we will give you 19 licenses for the same period for free. Licenses can be used both by students and teachers.
  • Post an article on your institution’s website about the cooperation between us. You can share your experience using EasyCargo or screenshots from students’ work. It doesn’t matter how long the article is, the only condition is the presence of our logo (this one or this one) and a link to our website –
  • Announce a contest with our container as a prize, and after the contest is over, announce the winner on your school’s website. Again, there has to be our logo (this one or this one) and link to our website The prize will be sent after the publishment of this information on your website.

Whichever option you choose, you need to inform us at least 15 days ahead to get a confirmation that the condition is met and the container is available in stock.

You can, of course, purchase Container Challenge Puzzle without being a member of the program in our online store.