EasyCargo truck loading software is enhanced with a new, very important functionality which allows you to import the most used items into the application and easily add them to the loading plan. These items are managed on the new Cargo items tab.


How to add items into Cargi item database in EasyCargo truck loading calculator

Here you create or import a list of items, which you can then simply add to each load by entering part of the item name – all properties of the item will be automatically pre-filled from the database. The cargo item database API is already available.


How to insert an item from the database into the load plan in EasyCargo truck loading calculator

As you can see, this functionality significantly speeds up the entire load planning process. Be sure to learn how to export and import items from MS Excel to be even more efficient when working with EasyCargo!

Anna Melounová | 7. 7月 2020