Load planning app for training in schools, universities, and other educational logistic-related institutions.

What do we offer schools?

We offer schools a one-year license with all features and updates for free. This license is intended for the teacher to familiarize himself with the program and use it within his subject/course for practical demonstrations of how to work with it. Through the teacher’s account, it is possible to grant 30-day access to the application to students as well, so that they too can try working with EasyCargo and perhaps try to solve our worksheets. The number of students for whom you want to activate licenses and the start date of these licenses must be specified at least 48 hours in advance to education@easycargo3d.com.

Tip: Read what teachers say about EasyCargo.

How to become part of the program?

Email us at education@easycargo3d.com and let us know the following information:

  1. Name and surname of the teacher/professor
  2. Name of your educational institution + website
  3. The state you are writing to us from
  4. Your email, under which you registered in the EasyCargo application, on which we will activate the license (if it is not on the same domain as your educational institution, then please attach a scanned confirmation from the head of the school that you are a professor of that institution)
  5. If you wish to allocate 30 day student licenses, please let us know the number and the date they are to be available

We are able to process the above request within 5 working days.

Need more teacher licenses, longer time for student licenses, or are you a student and need short-term access to the app?

Feel free to contact us at education@easycargo3d.com. We have licenses for schools at a discounted price and we can offer students an individual student license. We will be happy to explain everything and offer you the best solution.