18 Jan 2021

When considering buying software, the main question we ask ourselves is whether the investment will pay off. Since we want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, we decided to create a savings calculator.


How much you can save with truck and container load planning software?

About the calculation

The estimated average time saved on each container/truckload when using EasyCargo is half an hour. That is including time saved by load planning operator who doesn’t have to plan the load using pen and paper and by warehouse operator/person loading the cargo who precisely knows how to load the cargo thanks to our well-arranged step-by-step report. It could be a little less or way more, depending on the current methods you use to plan and load the load.

An estimated increase in the utilization of cargo space is, on average, 7%. This also may vary significantly based on the type of goods you load and how diverse the items and other factors are. Our customers plan loads for small automotive components up to large machinery parts. Also, depending on your current load planning methods, you may or may not be able to predict with absolute certainty, for example, whether or not a 20ft container will be enough or you need to order 20HC or even 40ft. Needless to say, a regular 20ft container is cheaper than 20HC or 40ft. With EasyCargo, you can simulate this ahead of time and save on container renting costs.

Taking the above into consideration, the savings calculated via the following formula:

Savings = 0,07*NoC*ACP + 0,07*NoT*ATP + 0,5*HLC*(NoC + NoT) – ELP


NoC is the number of transported TEUs per year,
NoT is the number of transported FTLs per year,
ACP is the average container price (per TEU),
ATP is the average truck price (per FTL),
HLC is the hourly labor cost,
ELP is the EasyCargo license price per year – this can either be $499 for year license if paid annually or 12*$49 if paid monthly or (NoC+NoT)*$5.9 if paid via our one-day tickets.


We tried hard to calculate the savings objectively; however, we suggest you try EasyCargo for free and compare the results yourself.