• Activation keys – we are now able to generate software License keys. Users can activate the key in EasyCargo and get the related licenses or tickets assigned to an account. In our online store soon.
  • Excel import – there is a new option to import the item’s weights column as weight per item (not just as total weight).
  • Excel import – same items are now being automatically merged together, as users may not know to use the Pieces column and put the items in multiple times instead.


  • API authentication – there is a new option for authentication, with which the authentication token is not being bound to the caller IP address and so it can be used from any IP address during its validity. Useful for cloud and server farm solutions calling the API.
  • Terms and Conditions links are now being localized and redirect users to proper language version on the web.


  • Shipment import – Import zero count items option didn’t correctly remember its last settings. This has been fixed.
  • Cargo items grid – the dimension/weight filters didn’t work correctly and now they have been disabled (because of the metric/imperial systems incompatibility issues). Ordering functionality is unaffected by this.
29. Jul 2020