Logistik & Transport Fair 2018 9 Nov 2018


We have some beautiful memories of the Logistik & Transport fair in Göthenburg, Sweden. Many thanks to Svenska Mässan for the excellent organization and, of course, to those who came to see us there!

It was great fun presenting our product in Sweden and we are looking forward to the next exhibition which will take place on the 4-7th of June 2019 at Transport Logistics in Munich, Germany. (So, put your Lederhosen on and spend a nice day at Messe München!)

By the way, we have added other languages to EasyCargo.  Obviously Swedish and due to great interest from Italy also Italian.

Svenska Mässan Logistik & Trasnport Photos 2018

Thanks for giving us a full load! 11 Dec 2017

During the International Engineering Fair in Brno, where our company was present for the first time. We had many opportunities to seek new partners and also to spend a lot of time talking with our existing customers to get feedback on EasyCargo.

We were really pleased by receiving so many positive reactions – you were too kind! However, it was also very important for us to learn about those things in which EasyCargo could perform even better – we recorded all the comments and suggestions and are already working on improving our app. You can look forward to new functions that would make the work with our software even easier. Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page to be the first to hear about the coming news!


Invisible changes – faster, stable and more secure load planning 2 Aug 2017

In July we introduced an important release of EasyCargo. Thanks to this update, the application has improved stability and offers much smoother performance. It’s noticeably faster in processing the calculations and opening saved shipments. As a result is improved responsiveness in manual load plan editor. On top of that, EasyCargo runs from now on https:// secure protocol used e.g. for online banking.

Even it took quite long to deliver this update; we know it was important for future development of other functionalities, which will be delivered in upcoming months.

We have also extended our video tutorials library. You or your colleagues can learn EasyCargo in up to 9 languages now. Watch the tutorial videos in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech.


Manual load plan adjustments 10 Aug 2016

One of the most wanted features, based on our users’ feedback, is the possibility to manually adjust placement and rotation of the boxes in final load plan. We are happy to announce, that this functionality is now available for all users of EasyCargo.

Manual load plan editor modes - move and rotate cargo item

How to do manual load plan adjustment in 3 steps?

In EasyCargo app, when the calculation of load plan is finished…

  1. Click left mouse button, while pointing at the box to activate it.
  2. Choose new placement pointing at a highlighted green area.
  3. And click again to confirm the new position of the box.

In case you would like to rotate the box, click with the right mouse button to switch manipulation mode. Click shown arrows to rotate in the desired direction. Confirm with a click on left mouse button.

Note: For free manipulation, with items, no constraints are respected. It’s solely at users discretion to respect the loading rules.

Watch tutorial video for manual load plan adjustments. You can also subscribe to EasyCargo YouTube channel, so you will not miss it!

Fully localized in German, Portuguese and Hungarian 7 Jun 2016

Now you can use EasyCargo in all these languages. Select the language on your user tab at top right corner in EasyCargo app.

  • Čeština
  • Deutsch – NEW
  • English
  • Español
  • Français
  • Magyar – NEW
  • Português  - NEW

Learn better with German tutorial videos. And showcase simply EasyCargo to your co-workers, customers or vendors with the German introduction or Portuguese introduction video. There are introduction videos also in  English, French, Spanish and Czech available.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook where you can find the latest updates on development of EasyCargo like is “manual load editation” which will be ready soon.

Learn also in German langage, see new Portuguese  and German intro video and enyou EasyCargo fully localized in German, Portuguese and Hungarian

How to load plan better? Learn with new tutorial videos 19 Feb 2016

Learn how to get the best of EasyCargo. Visit our new video tutorials page.

Learn how to better plan your loads with first set of EasyCargo video tutorials.


Faster public load plans and improved import 29 Dec 2015

At the end of the year we released the latest version of EasyCargo. There have been many internal improvements done for future functionality, that will be presented in 2016. But already now you can experience faster opening of online public load plans (see the picture and link below). There is also improvement for imports from Excel sheets too. Now you can set to skip all rows with zero items count, so you can use Excel sheet template as database of products.

See live 3D load plan right here in your browser.

Let’s celebrate! EasyCargo placed 2nd – for you it is 22% off the price! 13 Oct 2015

EasyCargo online load planing app placed 2nd in UPC Ignite Your Business competition and we would like to say thank you for your support. The best way to enjoy this great moment is to share our number two. So now you can reach EasyCargo licenses discounted 22% for 2 weeks.

Why we are flattered with the award? UPC Ignite is dedicated to support enterprenuers with real visions and businessplans and potential to successed on international markets. Jury paid attention to economical facts, that has been presented in project pitch on Innovation day 2015 in Prague.

We cannot reach this without support from our users. Thank you very much!

More photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page

Simple order wizard with credit/debit card payment 23 Sep 2015

Extending license has never been easier.
Sign in to EasyCargo and on License tab or your Profile tab click “Order more Tickets or Licences”.



Then you are just 3 steps to continue creating your load plans.

And credit/debit card payment is right in 3rd step via Braintree PayPal company secured form.

3 steps for continue your load planing

Watch video on how to order license…


Free Cubebot robots giveaway 18 Aug 2015

EasyCargo is on Facebook now, looking for fans. If you will “like” this EasyCargo App Page on Facebook you might be the lucky one and receive the Cubebot.


Get Cubebot for free!


On the 1st September 2015 we will randomly select 3 of “likers” of our FB page. We will mention the name of chosen once in comment and contact them for the shipping address. They will receive one of these cute little Cubebots for free.

(if UPC or DHL delivers to provided shipping address).