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We are happy to announce an official partnership with IncoDocs, a convenient tool for complex document management. With its help, you can quickly generate invoices, Packing lists, Bills of Lading, Import Security Filing, Certificates of Origin, Verified Gross Mass Declarations, and much more. Also, if you want to get a discount on their software or listen to a podcast about how container load planning software can help you with the rising shipping rates, make sure you continue reading!



EasyCargo in Colombia Lukáš Brož | 15 Dec 2021

EasyCargo in Colombia

After a long period of time in which the only possibility of meeting each other was through digital media, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, now the possibilities of personal meetings at conferences and fairs are beginning to reappear. There is a lot of interest in them and we have participated in several of these events.

You can also read about the International Transport and Logistics Fair in Brno (Czech Republic).

Transport&Logistics 2021 Invitation, EasyCargo stand number 22

Introduction of the EasyCargo application with all its new features, competition in stacking cargo in a container, and a sweet reward for the right solvers. You can experience this and much more at our stand no. 22 at the jubilee 10th year of the International Transport & Logistics Trade Fair.



How to create an oversized cargo load plan? Anna Melounová | 26 Oct 2021

Create overhangs in the calculator for load optimization EasyCargo cargo space optimizing software

Create load plans for oversized cargo directly in EasyCargo. You heard us correctly! In our load optimization software, it's now possible to create overhangs or reduce cargo space layout only with a few clicks.

A truck or load overhang is a portion of a load or vehicle attachment that projects beyond the front or rear wheels of a vehicle, sides, or the front or rear bumper of a vehicle if it's equipped with a front or rear bumper.


Invitation to the ANPACT Virtual Meeting Lukáš Brož | 4 Oct 2021

ANPACT Virtual Meeting 2021 EasyCargo loading calculator

On October 4 - 8, 2021, a Virtual Meeting will be held as a preamble to the on-site edition of ANPACT's Expo Transporte 2022 in Puebla, Mexico. Entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs, suppliers, purchasing managers, owners, managers, cargo and passenger carriers, companies with fleets, public and private transportation executives, and of course our software, EasyCargo, will be present.


EasyCargo load planning software

There are several ways to view the final load plan in EasyCargo, from simply sharing the plan via a link to creating complex print reports. In this article, we will look at all types of load plan results and discuss their functions in more detail.

The most important, and probably the most prominent part of the application, is the interactive 3D view of the load. It’s a simulation in which you can view all the items placed in the trailer or container.


We have already written a lot about planning the load as efficiently as possible. That’s why this article will be a little different. We have prepared for you some practical exercises that will test your knowledge of EasyCargo.

The exercises below, although slightly modified, are part of the handbook for teachers and professors involved in the EasyCargo for schools project. These materials will soon be available for download on our website.