Cargo items database Anna Melounová | 7 Jul 2020

How to add items into Cargi item database in EasyCargo truck loading calculator

EasyCargo truck loading software is enhanced with a new, very important functionality which allows you to import the most used items into the application and easily add them to the loading plan. These items are managed on the new Cargo items tab.



EasyCargo for Schools Anna Melounová | 20 Mar 2020

EasyCargo load planning tool

Container and truck loading software EasyCargo announces new program for schools and universities!

We’ve been seeing interest in our truck load planner from schools for quite some time now. However, we've always dealt with this individually. In the last couple of months, the demand has increased so much that we put our heads together and came up with a new offer that is tailor-made for schools and universities.


The load plan export to MS Excel is here! Anna Melounová | 17 Feb 2020

EasyCargo truck load planning application

The sixth most wanted functionality is out!

The newest version of EasyCargo allows you to export your load plans to Excel. How to do it? Simply load the items, create a Print report or Public Link to the load plan, and click on the ‘Export to Excel‘ icon in the Shipments & Reports tab.


We have created two new video tutorials to make your work with the truck loading software EasyCargo even easier.

The first one titled User and License Administration will teach you how to add users to your EasyCargo account, explain the types of users, and the differences between them. You will also learn all that you need for assigning or removing licenses to a specific user. There is also a section explaining how to change your personal data and manage your account.

How to add the new cargo spaces to your account in EasyCargo load planning software

The latest EasyCargo – Load efficiently update introduced new types of cargo spaces. We expect that these will be appreciated mostly by our users in North America and Australia.

Specifically, these are flatbeds with 1, 2, and 3 axles, trucks with semitrailers with 1, 2, and 3 axles and prime movers (tractor units) with 2 and 3 axles. For the full set of provided cargo space types; check this list.


BVV Transport and Logistics Anna Melounová | 12 Nov 2019

The Container Loading Game

After an excellent previous experience, yet again, we participated in the International Engineering Fair, the largest industrial fair in Central Europe.

We had great success among schools. Students tried our “Load Your Container” game and teachers liked our demonstration of what our app can do.

Improved view of the load in the EasyCargo loading software

We often get asked if EasyCargo can plan loading with regards to the weight distribution. The answer is yes, it can, and now even with an improved view of the results!

In the right panel, you simply choose the load you want to view. You will see green arrows highlighting the load ratio – if you touch them with the cursor; three values will be displayed: the maximum allowed load, current load of the cargo, and load in an empty cargo space (minimum load).