Learn the basics of load planning Anna Melounová | 1 Mar 2021

Have you purchased EasyCargo and do not know how to start with load planning? Our tutorial video No. 10 Settings options when optimizing a load plan will help you.

As the name suggests, the video shows options for planning the load from setting up the application to introducing the application’s elements. It guides you through the entire loading process and continuously alerts you to existing videos that describe the features shown in more detail.


You often ask us whether it is possible to set up a gradual loading or unloading of items in EasyCargo if you have several unloadings planned during one transport. The answer is yes. For similar situations, there is a function called Priority Groups. With this function, you can easily create up to 50 groups, which can be useful not only for different destinations but also for adjusting the order in which the items are loaded. The following video shows how to create and use priority groups:



News in Cargo spaces Anna Melounová | 7 Feb 2021

How do you add cargo space to your favorites in EasyCargo container and truck load planning software

Working with cargo spaces is much easier now, thanks to a new EasyCargo load planning software update. What have we improved?

You can add the most frequently used spaces to your favorites and have them in the Cargo spaces list right at the beginning. Also, all pre-prepared spaces are always available, and there is no need to add them from a special list.


Maintenance of EasyCargo

Our software for truck and container load planning EasyCargo will be unavailable this Saturday, February 6th at 13:00 CET. The scheduled downtime will last for several hours. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team.


How much can you save with EasyCargo? Lukáš Polame | 18 Jan 2021

How much you can save with truck and container load planning software?

When considering buying software, the main question we ask ourselves is whether the investment will pay off. Since we want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, we decided to create a savings calculator.



Meet us at Logistec Virtual Show 2020 Lukáš Brož | 8 Oct 2020

Video of how to find EasyCargo stand at Logistec Show 2020

We want to invite you to visit Logistec show 2020, which takes place from 6 to 8 October. It's the first fair we participate in that is entirely online! Watch the following video to know how to find us. Doesn't it look cool? :)


How to activate license keys in EasyCargo truck and container load optimizer

Six. Exactly that many clicks separate you from purchasing a license from the EasyCargo online store. The new way of ordering is not only faster but also more suitable for those customers who, for various reasons, cannot place an order directly in the EasyCargo application.

You can order license keys for all three types of licenses: 24-hour Tickets, licenses for a month, or a year. Tickets can only be purchased as a pack of 10. If you need a different quantity, you can order it either the old way via the EasyCargo application, or contact us. Keep in mind that the minimum order of 24-hour tickets is always 10.


Handbook for EasyCargo loading calculator Anna Melounová | 4 Sep 2020

EasyCargo Handbook - Step-by-Step Guidance On How To Use EasyCargo cargo loading planner

Have you watched all of our tutorial videos and still feel that you can get more out of EasyCargo? Or are you not interested in videos, and you would rather have a written cargo guide at hand? Then please refer to our brand new guide.