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1. How can EasyCargo be useful for me?

2. Which functionalities does EasyCargo offer?

3. Can I import items from an Excel file?

4. How can you check the 3D load plan?

5. Can I test the application free of charge?

6. I have forgotten my password. What shall I do?

7. What are the system requirements?

8. Does the software work on MAC/ OS X?

9. Does the application work offline?

10. I can’t open the application. What can I do?

11. Is integration via API possible?

12. How can I download the application? What is the delivery time?

13. What are the costs of the license?

14. I need to use the software only a few times per month, do I have to purchase a license for the whole month?

15. Which discounts do you offer?

16. Do you have a special offer for Universities and other educational institutions?

17. Payment options

18. Can more users work with one license?

19. How can I order a license?

20. Which cargo spaces are available?

21. How can I influence the load plan result?

22. What do the Groups stand for?

23. Can I load cylindrical shapes / pipes / round articles / irregular shapes?

24. Can I plan loading pallets with EasyCargo?

25. How to load into more containers?

26. Which languages are available?

27. Do you have representatives in my country?

28. Didn’t find an answer to your question?