Container and truck loading software EasyCargo

Easy to use loading software EasyCargo

Easy to use

Loading software calculations are evaluated right in your web browser. That saves you the hassle of installing new software. We bring you easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software with modern design. Tutorial videos are available to help you get started.

Save space and time with optimal planning of cargo space

Saves space and time

A smooth process of planning the cargo layout in EasyCargo saves you time and additional costs. Precise placement of items effectively utilizes cargo space and saves your transportation expenses. Calculate your savings now!

Best 3D visualization of loading plan

Best visualization

Load-plan results are displayed using real-time 3D visualization. Cargo items can be easily moved or rotated if needed. Print reports can be generated from any viewpoint – even from within the container or the truck cargo space.

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Loading software EasyCargo is used by 1000+ companies from all over the world for planning loads.

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More about the software

Easy to use loading software EasyCargo

Easy to use

Loading constraints and description right on the box in EasyCargo loading software.

EasyCargo load planner keeps the layout of cargo items and the results on one screen. Furthermore, there is no need to be switching between different tabs. Just click the “Add item” button, insert the cargo specifications (dimensions, weight, etc.), and a cargo item will appear in a 3D load plan preview along with the description right on the box.

Finally, adjust the item count, loading constraints, and click the “Load” button. Items will be placed in the cargo space within a few seconds. Your loading plan is now ready.

You can define your own cargo space or adjust an existing space before you start the loading process.

Watch the video! How to add a cargo item to the load plan calculation?

Save space and time with optimal planning of cargo space

Saves space and time

3D visualisation of a load plan on a semi-trailer in the load planning software EasyCargo

The truck and container loading software will help you create your load plans quickly. The EasyCargo team spent a great deal of time developing a unique load planning engine that will effectively place your cargo items into trucks and containers within seconds.

Calculations of cargo item placements respect the applied constraints. It is also possible to sort items into groups based on destination. The weight limits for a selected vehicle are taken into account.

The entire evaluation process is completed within one minute. You can then examine the loading plan result and generate a print report, which can be printed or shared online.

Calculate the transportation costs now! How much can you SAVE with EasyCargo?

Best 3D visualization of loading plan

Best visualization

Cargo box rotation in EasyCargo to adjust the loading plan

The entire load plan result is shown in an interactive 3D view, just like in a game. You can rotate or zoom to examine your cargo layout in detail.

A built-in manual loading plan editor will let you individually adjust the rotation and position of each box. You can also set up your loading plan entirely from scratch.

The loading plan editor works on a “Drag&Drop” basis and the auto-snap function ensures an aligned fit with other boxes.


Watch the video! How to manually adjust the loading plan?

Integration for load planning API, Excel, SAP


Integration for load planning via API, Excel, SAP

We offer several options to simplify working with EasyCargo software even more. The first of them is the import from Microsoft Excel feature. You enter the items in a special template that you can download directly from Microsoft Excel, and upload the file back to EasyCargo. EasyCargo calculates the final load plan. You can also export the output back to an excel file for further adjustments or sharing with colleagues.

The second option is the integration with the SAP ERP implemented by the company status C. Thus, all the data about transported goods are transferred directly from SAP to the application EasyCargo.

The third possibility is the integration via our API-Interface. It helps you create a list of load items and a list of cargo spaces right into EasyCargo.


Watch the video! How to import cargo items from Microsoft Excel?

Product features


EasyCargo runs online right in your web browser. Get a free 10-day trial of the full version, no credit card required. After the free trial period, we are happy to offer you a license that best fits your needs.

Prices are without VAT.

One-day Ticket

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Use EasyCargo for 24 hours. Activate the ticket whenever you want. Tickets are sold as a pack of at least 10 tickets.


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One user license for a month. No commitment.


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Save 16 %
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Save 30 %
If you order license for 3+ users.

Universities and other educational institutions

Are you a professor or teacher and want to use EasyCargo in your class to demonstrate effective load planning?

Would you like students to also learn how to work with the program?

Then EasyCargo for schools is just right for you!

Enterprise Licensing

Are you a big enterprise that needs more licenses for multiple users or even branches? Do you require additional documentation such as a quotation or PO? Make a centralized purchase in the total amount exceeding $2400 and save 30% on the whole order!

Explore an interactive truck load plan example created in EasyCargo

Why use load planning software in your company


Why should your company use loading software EasyCargo?

EasyCargo for Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturers & Distributors

Efficient planning of cargo utilization is one of the steps in the supply chain where producers can optimize their costs – not only when expediting goods to vendors, but also on deliveries from suppliers. In EasyCargo, you can create print reports of your finished load plan and save them in PDF for your warehouse management. If you need an even quicker way to share your plan with your supplier or vendor, you can use a Public link for a fully interactive 3D load plan. Load planning helps you avoid paying for a half-full truck; EasyCargo will tell you how many free meters there are left in the chosen cargo space. This way, you can choose a smaller truck or utilize unused space by adding some extra cargo.

EasyCargo for Customer Sales or Services

Customer Sales or Services

EasyCargo helps to answer the most common questions: Will the order fit? How many items will fit? Is there any room for more? How much will it cost? You can also send a Public link to the exact load plan result to anyone interested or a more detailed PDF format report.

Is this your first time considering using a load planning tool? No worries. You and your team will get on board quickly with our instructional videos or detailed handbook. Or, you can ask our support team if you need additional advice.

EasyCargo for importers and exporters


Likely, you are already using some solution for calculating the load plan. If not, you should consider EasyCargo, as it allows multiple ways to insert the data for calculation. Using the Excel import template is standard, your cargo items will be ready for planning almost instantly. If you decide to use our API or SAP integration, the whole process will be even quicker! If you need to bring the cargo items from any other app or database, you can use the Integromat extension (coming soon). You can check all the different functions of EasyCargo here; the user interface is straightforward, and your load plan will be ready in minutes.

EasyCargo for Forwarders and Carriers

Forwarders & Carriers

Load planning software will show you how much space is left in your chosen type of vehicle or container. That allows you to decide whether to change the type of container for a smaller one and thus, save your money and keep your customers happy. Our step-by-step load plan report will show the customer (or the person responsible for loading) the exact steps to load the cargo according to the calculated plan.

Carriers can rest assured that weight limits will be respected. EasyCargo checks not only if the allowed net weight is respected. The calculation of axle weight distribution is also available to help with the exact planning of any additional load. EasyCargo can also provide a weight distribution overview in the printed or shared report.

Try online for free and create your load plans right in the web browser.